Greek Island Vacation Packages

Greece’s islands are the most visited places on planet tourism, but you can still go wrong. Athens Tours Greece team gives you the best choose to what to see, where to stay and what to avoid.

Greek Island Holiday Packages

  • The Most Famous Island Package In Greece

    5 days / 4 nights – 2 night in Mykonos, 2 nights in Santorini Mykonos and Santorini is the most explosive cocktail of passion, cosmopolitan flair, history and incomparable natural beauty.
  • The Best Of The Aegean In An Awesome 7-Day Island Package

    The Best Of The Aegean

    Mykonos -Milos and Santorini 7 days / 6 nights the best of the Aegean islands! Hearing the word 'Aegean' imagines crystal clear emerald waters, sandy beaches, magical sunsets, a medeteranean climate and fairytale accommodation. And it's not unfair ... The reality is not much different.
  • Santorini undeniable 4-hour shore excursion in Fira, and Oia

    Santorini; The Unique Island!

    Cyclades, each island a word of its own; Santorini, Experience one of the most breathtaking views known to man! ” Queen of the heartbeats, and wings of the Aegean, with words that convert the infinity with fire, lava, smoke, you discovered the great lines of your destiny” Osysseas Elytis ” Poet.
  • Mykonos, the pearl of the Aegean; Half day private shore excursion

    Escape To Mykonos Island

    Mykonos, Windswept Paradise. The pearl of the Aegean. The most famous tourist island in the Eastern Mediterranean and certainly the most cosmopolitan amongst the Cyclades, something which is not just by chance.
  • Astonishing Milos; The Diamond Of The Aegean, 5-Day Package

    Milos Greece; The Diamond Of The Aegean

    Milos Greece; The island of "Aphrodite of Milos", the most exotic and impressive island of the Cyclades Aegean islands with volcanic painted rocks and red, pink and orange beaches!
  • Paros ; Another Word for Paradise

    Paros; A real paradise island! One of the larger islands of the Cyclades, a ring of islands located in the central Aegean, choice of the celebrities!
  • Naxos The Undiscovered Island

    Naxos, Greece’s best kept secret! - A real paradise island ! Walk around the small streets of the Venetian town and visit the miniature colorful villages.
  • Aegina Island Daughter of Gods

    Aegina is the first in the Argosaronic Gulf island, just 16 nautical miles from, and 45 minutes from Piraeus port. Perfect to combine with Athens, Aegina is the perfect place to relax.
  • Let's Party Island Hopping

    5 days Mykonos, Paros, Naxos. Culture, history, legents, modern life, rich night life, best Greek cuisine
  • Best Of Heraklion & Thrilling Knossos 4-H Shore Excursion

    The Minoans; 5 days Crete Island

    5 days / 4 nights | Crete, the biggest island in Greece, and the lowest end of Europe. Situated among the Aegean and Libyan Sea. It is the crossroad between East and West, Africa and Europe.
  • Kolossos Of Rhodes Hopping Island Package

    So many to combine, myth Colossus of Rhodes, Lindos Acropolis 9th c. BC, Grand Master's Palace",the Castle of the Knights' period, which ground floor belonged to the 7th c. Byzantine Acropolis, to Rhodes of today modern city of Rhodes
  • Magic Santorini, Caldera, and Akrotiri Excavations 5-H Tour

    Atlantis And Minoan Treasures Greek Island Hopping Package

    Surrounding by the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea, these islands have a unique landscape, and a terrific combination of mythology, history, culture, and leisure.
  • Unexplored Cyclades Islands

    5 days Paros, Naxos. The unexplored island of the Cyclades. Rich in history, culture, myths, but also rich in modern and night life!
  • Just For Teens

    5 days Ios, Santorini, Mykonos. Explore the most celebrated islands in Greece
  • The Apocalypse island of Patmos

    8 days / 7 nights, Patmos, Samos, Kusadasi(Turkey), Ephesus, Paros, Mykonos. Follow the foot steps of St. John, and combine, Asia Minor, with the beauty of the Cecladic islands.
  • Sun-Kissed Summer In Greece

    Lively whitewashed paradise, stunning natural wonders and some of the world’s best beaches make Mykonos and Santorini a favorite Aegean island.