Organized shared bus tours in Athens

Organized shared tours by bus in Athens are specifically designed for those who wish to explore Athens and share their feelings and impressions with other travelers.

If wondering why you should opt for a shared bus tour, there is a number of advantages you should consider: the bus tours are available all year long, and are guided tours with a licensed tour guide.

The shared bus tours are a quite affordable solution, starting from just  42 € per person, with the entrance fees included in the price.

Organized shared bus tours in Athens

  • Exciting half-day shared bus tour in Athens, with the Acropolis museums

    If you thought that a half day tour in Athens can only cover superficially the Athenian sites, the half day shared bus tour in Athens is here to provide you with the fullest tour you can enjoy in Athens within just five hours.
  • Christian 8-h tour in Athens following the greatness of St Paul

    Sightseeing Athens bus tour with the Acropolis in the afternoon

    Few people would claim that they have seen Athens, if they had not visited the Acropolis, hence the sightseeing bus tour in Athens takes you to the Holy Rock of Athens, to visit the marvel of classic architecture.
  • Poseidon's Cape Sounion and Athens Riviera 4 H Private Tour

    Athens and Sounion full day bus tour

    Experience Athens, the cradle of the western civilization. Admire the master piece of the city; The Acropolis. Travel with our luxurious bus along the scenic road of southern Athens to cape Sounion and enjoy the breathtaking views from the temple of Poseidon.
  • Stunning 6-h photography tour at Athens Riviera and Sounio

    Afternoon bus tour to Cape Sounion

    Enjoying the visit at Cape Sounion is probably one of the most thrilling experiences you can have in your life. The afternoon bus tour to Cape Sounion gives you the chance to experience what breathtaking really means.
  • Athens-By-Night Private Sightseeing Tour

    Athens by night shared tour

    Athens is famous throughout the world for its vibrant night mood and its folklore events. The Athens by night shared tour will introduce you to the Greek nightlife in the most traditional way!