Winter and Ski Tours

Don’t even think about hibernating this winter! We believe there’s an enchanting energy that only a winter getaway can bring. Picture yourself surrounded by the crisp, powdery snow, indulging in the divine aroma of freshly baked cinnamon treats and mulled wine, and snuggling up by the warm glow of candlelight.

But that’s not all, imagine glancing up during an exhilarating Arachova trip and witnessing the stars twinkle above you, or taking a hike through Parnassos’ majestic Rocky Mountains and marveling at colossal ice formations that glisten in the sun.

By choosing to travel during the off-peak season, not only will you have the advantage of shorter lines at popular attractions, but you will also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. Additionally, by visiting popular destinations during their slower seasons, you can help alleviate some of the negative effects of high-season tourism and provide much-needed support to the local community.

Winter travel offers more than just cozy puffer coats and steaming hot chocolate. It also presents significant budget-friendly advantages. By planning your travel during the offseason, you can snag cheaper flights and experiences, allowing you to splurge on exciting extras for a truly unforgettable trip.

Snow ski tours

  • 1 day ski tour on Parnassos mount in Greece

    Parnassos 1 day ski tour , Greece 9-h

    Ski enthusiasts, listen up! We are inviting you to join me on an unforgettable ski touring excursion in Parnassos, Greece. This trip will span one day, giving you ample time to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Parnassos.
  • Kalavrita Helmos snow ski resort 1-day tour

    Kalavrita Helmos snow ski resort 10-hours tour

    The thrill of skiing and snowboarding transforms winter into our much-anticipated season. These sports are constantly evolving and offer endless opportunities for incredible adventures.
  • srkelaria 1284 athens tours greece

    Ski on Parnassos and magical Arachova 2 days tour

    2 days / 1 night A thrilling adventure to Parnassos' slopes and discovering the enchanting wonders of Greece's top-notch ski resort is an ideal addition to a winter getaway in Athens.
  • A 2-day ski tour of Helmos and the stunning beauty of Kalavrita!

    Thrilling 2-day ski tour of Helmos and the stunning beauty of Kalavrita!

    Experience the winter paradise of Kalavrita Ski Resort! This premier destination in Greece boasts a perfect fusion of Greek sunshine and dreamy powder, creating a one-of-a-kind mountain adventure on the slopes of Mt. Chelmos. Prepare for an unforgettable experience like no other.
  • A 2 Day Ski Tour On Pertouli Resort And Elati

    A 2 day tour for ski on Pertouli resort and the traditional village of Elati

    Experience the enchantment of Pertouli Ski Center, a true wonderland. The sprawling meadows of Pertouli serve as a living time capsule, showcasing the ever-changing hues of the weather.
  • Corinth, Cave Of Lakes, And The Rack Railway Tour

    Corinth, Kalavrita, Cave of Lakes, Kalavryta and the Rack Railway Tour

    An exciting journey through time and the beauty of the country. Discover unexplored Greece! The private tour, which you will explore some of the most beautiful parts of Greece!
  • Snow ski best of Greece luxurious winter vacation 10 days

    The luxurious Snow ski best of Greece winter vacation - 10 days

    Athens Tour Greece's 10 day Ski winter packages are brilliant flexible ski and snowboard trips in the Parnasos and Helmos mountains. Combine culture and ski in the Central Greece and Peloponnese region, then tailor your equipment hire and lessons upon arrival. You'll be able to access to world-class runs to satisfy beginners and experts alike, plus enjoy some exclusive ski resorts inclusions and après ski activities! Hit the slopes and Ski Greece with us.
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