Best Athens Tours | The Top 9 Athens Tours

Are you visiting Athens for the first time? Find here the Best Athens Tours, top-rated and reviewed by our clients for Athens! Best experiences, best rates, and best tours all guided by locals!

Athens, Greece; Blessed with stacks of natural beauty and glorious past, sunny weather, Athens enchants travelers from all over the world. Athens the capital and the largest city in the country is usually the first stop for international visitors. With its largest harbor in Greece, spectacular beaches, and buzzing nightlife, Athens makes a great first impression.

From the famous Athens riviera and its beautiful beaches to the iconic Athens Acropolis, there are plenty of things to see and do in Athens. Jump on a day tour to visit the city’s stunning coast beaches and take in the unique architecture and historical city sites.

Get to know the history and customs of the city, and the traditional custodians of the area, and learn about the city’s glorious past. Of course, you can always just relax with a drink and soak up the vibe and views of the picturesque old Athens, Plaka.

Beyond the city, itself are plenty of must-visit destinations. Take a tour starting from Athens to discover the spectacular forests and towering cliffs of the mountains, and enjoy the picturesque landscape of the country.

Sample some of Greece’s best wines and dine on delicious regional produce of the famous Mediterranean cuisine!

Best Athens Tours | The Top 9 Athens Tours

  • The Best Of Athens Full Day Sightseeing Private Tour

    The Best of Athens full-day private tour

    The best of Athens full-day tour is a private tour that will give you a full and complete idea of how Athens used to be, combining the best of the modern and the ancient parts of the city. It is an absolute must-do tour in Athens.
  • The Golden Age Of Athens 6 Hours Private Tour Including The Acropolis Museum

    The Golden Age of Athens in 6h private tour

    The six hours Golden Age private tour in Athens is an excellent chance to see both the modern and ancient parts of the city on a city tour that will definitely convince you to come back for more.
  • Accessible Tour In Athens, 3 Hours Athens Panorama

    Accessible Athens Panorama

    The Panorama private tour in Athens is designed for people with limited mobility or in a wheelchair, who wish to explore Athens in the most comfortable and convenient way possible.
  • Athens City Highlights And Cape Sounion Private Tour

    The adventure of Athens best and Poseidon's temple in cape Sounion

    This full day combines an Athens city tour with a visit to Poseidon s temple in cape Sounion admiring the Athens Riviera with the visit to the seaside parts of Athens, giving you a comprehensive idea of this historical city and its modern suburbs.
  • embark disembark tour

    Half day embark or disembark tour in Athens

    The half-day embark or disembark tour in Athens is a tour specifically designed for visitors who are coming to Athens on a cruise ship and have a rather limited time to spend in the city, but still wish to make the most out of it.
  • Full-Day Sightseeing Tour In Athens, Corinth Canal And Ancient Corinth

    A full-day sightseeing tour in Athens, Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinth

    The full-day sightseeing tour in Athens, Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinth takes you to the two major cities of the ancient times within just one day, in a convenient and affordable tour you should not miss!
  • The Impressive 4 Hours Sunset tour to Sounion and Athens Riviera

    Athens sunset to Sounion and Athens riviera

    Enjoy the famous sunset in Sounion with our private afternoon sightseeing tour along the coast of Athens riviera.
  • Biblical Corinth 7 Hours Christian Tour

    Biblical Corinth 7 Hours Christian Tour

    The  Biblical Corinth 7 Hours Christian Tour is a private and personal tour to Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinth, and it is a well-appointed biblical tour in Greece
  • the-Battle-Of-Thermopylae-300-Spartans

    The Inspiring Thermopylae and the 300 Spartans private tour

    The Epic Battle of Thermopylae Remains One of the Most Stirring Defeats of All Time! It’s a little spoiler to say the Greeks lost. But the battle lives on to the present day largely due to the ideals of sacrifice, bravery, and patriotism it represented. A small Greek force faces off against the vastly outnumbered invading Persian army in a fight to the death that still resonates today.
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