Christian tours in Greece

Christian tours in Greece are designed for those who are interested in following the footsteps of St Paul, who spent a certain part of his life living and teaching in Greece. They are private sightseeing tours ranging from half-day tours to 8-days Christian tours in Greece.

Christian tours in Greece

  • Saint Potapios Monastery

    Christian Tour To Ancient Corinth, Osios Patapios Monastery And Vouliagmeni Lake

    A spectacular 8 hours Christian tour with magnificent picturesque landscape that even the famous painters would't resist not to paint!
  • Corinth Canal Cruise

    The Corinth Canal Cruise And The Corinth Christian Tour

    Combine a Christian Corinth tour with a  Boat Cruise  through the famous Corinth Canal! It's worth experiencing!
  • Half day Christian Tour in Athens

    The 4.30 hours Christian tour in Athens is a half day tour designed for those who have just a few hours available in the city but wish to explore its Christian roots along with the other important sites of this historical city.
  • Temple of Apolo in Ancient Corinth

    Following the footsteps of St Paul in Athens, Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinth

    The full day Christian tour in Athens and Corinth takes you to two major stops of St Paul during his stay in Greece and gives you an insight of his work in these two historical cities, as well of their emminent imprortance.
  • Full-day Christian tour in Athens

    The full day private tour in Athens follows the footsteps of St Paul in Athens, allowing the visitors of the city to see where St Paul preached on the new religion.
  • Enjoy your very own half-day private tour to Corinth

    If you wish to enjoy Corinth at your own pace and style, the private half day tour to Corinth canal and ancient Corinth is an excellent chance to visit the important archaeological sites of the area, while feeling the refreshing breeze of the sea caressing your face.
  • An 8 days tour tracing the footsteps of St Paul

    if you are a Christian hearted visitor that wishes to trace the footsteps of St Paul in Greece, the 8 days tour to Greece is your ideal choice. The footsteps of St Paul tour will take you to every place that the beloved Apostle visited to preach the word of God almost 2000 years ago.
  • Tours to Mystras

    Tours to Mystras

    The tours to Mystras will take you to the beautiful area of Laconia in South Greece, where you will visit the city of Sparta, and the fortified settlement of Mystras, the Byzantine city state of the Peloponnese Peninsula, with the gorgeous churches and temples from the 12th century.
  • Christian tours to the Byzantine Monasteries of Meteora

    Christian tours to the Byzantine Monasteries of Meteora

    The Christian tours to the Byzantine Monasteries of Meteora are a great option for those who wish to visit a natural phenomenon that also features a significant complex of monasteries dating back to the 11th century AD.

Choose the tour that is more appealing from the long list of Christian tours in Greece and enjoy a tour to the history and Christian culture of Greece.

Follow the footsteps of St Paul and visit town, monasteries and churches of great importance to the Christian religion in Greece.