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Heavenly Biblical 8 days Christian private tour of St. Paul

The Parallels Between Greek Mythology and the Mysteries of Biblical Greece

Embark on an unforgettable 8-day journey tracing the footsteps of St. Paul through biblical Greece. This private tour is a must for Christians seeking a deep understanding of this crucial period in Greek history, as well as for those eager to fully grasp the multi-faceted influences that have shaped present-day Greece.

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Destinations: Delphi, Meteora, Veroia, Thessaloniki, Philippi, Kavala
Region: Central Greece, Thessaly, Macedonia
Accommodation: Athens, Kalambaka Meteora, Thessaloniki, Kavala
Tour Language: English
Age Range: 1 to 99 year old
Available: All Year Round
Departures: Daily

Itinerary of the 8 days Christian tour

Athens, Corinth Canal, Ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Nafplion, Osseus Lucas Monastery Distomo, Delphi, Arachova, Kalambaka, Meteora, Thessaloniki, Philippi, Kavala, Athens

  • A visit to all the places, where St Paul preached and lived during his time in Greece
  • Combination of sites of archaeological interest and sites of religious interest
  • Visits to important Greek cities, such as Thessaloniki, Kavala, Nafplion
  • On the footsteps of Apostol Paul in Greece
  • An exciting tour to modern and ancient Greece
  • An experienced, professional English speaking driver

The Influence of Greek Culture on Biblical Narratives

Greece, known for its philosophical wisdom and artistic brilliance, has left an indelible mark on the world. The influence of Greek culture can also be seen in biblical narratives, with references to Greek cities like Athens, Corinth, and Thessalonica scattered throughout the New Testament. The apostle Paul, in his missionary journeys, traversed these ancient Greek lands, spreading the message of Christianity to the eager ears of the Greeks.

Christian Tours has a rich history of providing escorted vehicle tours for over 35 years. Our tours are not only enjoyable, but also cater to families and are easily accessible for anyone interested. We pride ourselves in taking our guests to various attractions throughout Greece, as well as offering private tours within the country to scenic and thrilling destinations. Our passengers’ safety and comfort is our top priority at Christian Tours.

Mars Hill: Unveiling the Mysteries of Mars Hill in Athens

Mars Hill In Athens
Mars Hill In Athens

Mars Hill: Apostle Paul’s Sermons on Mars Hill

Have you ever been curious about the ancient history and importance of Mars Hill in Athens? Let’s explore the mysteries of this famous landmark. Mars Hill, also called the Areopagus, is a well-known rocky hill situated northwest of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. This site has great cultural and religious value that dates back to ancient times. According to Greek mythology, Mars Hill is where the god of war, Ares, was judged for killing Poseidon‘s son. This legendary story highlights the historical importance of Mars Hill as a place of legal and moral judgment. During the Golden Age of Athens, Mars Hill was known as a hub for intellectual discussions and religious conversations. It was the site where the famous philosopher Socrates faced trial for his unconventional ideas, ultimately leading to his death.

Another notable event linked to Mars Hill is the Apostle Paul’s sermon to the Athenians, which is documented in the Bible. In Acts 17:22-31, Paul talks about the concept of the unknown God to the Athenian crowd, connecting the worlds of Greek mythology and Christian beliefs. Discovering Mars Hill Today: Explore the rich history and cultural heritage of Mars Hill. The stunning views of Athens from the hilltop provide a unique perspective on the city’s ancient and modern elements. In conclusion, Mars Hill in Athens is a symbol of the lasting influence of ancient civilizations on today’s society. Whether you are someone interested in history, on a religious journey, or simply a curious traveler, Mars Hill is a must-see destination for anyone exploring Athens now or in the future!

Athens: Considered the most prestigious sanctuary in Greece

Athens Acropolis Parthenon
Athens Acropolis Parthenon

Athens: The Cradle Of Wester Civilization

Embark on a fascinating 8-day private tour following in the footsteps of St Paul, beginning in the bustling city of Athens. No trip to this iconic city would be complete without exploring its must-see attractions, including the renowned Acropolis and the sacred Mars Hill, where St. Paul mesmerized audiences with his legendary speech.

Experience the fascinating journey through Athens, exploring renowned landmarks including the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the magnificent Parliament House, the regal Presidential Palace, the historic Panathenaic Stadium (the birthplace of the modern Olympic games in 1896), the grand Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the esteemed institutions of the Academy, University, and National Library.

Immerse yourself in the ancient and modern wonders of Athens with our private tour. You’ll have the chance to explore must-see neighborhoods like Monastiraki and Plaka, as well as historical sites like the ancient and Roman agora. And no tour of Athens is complete without a trip to Lycabettus Hill, where you’ll witness breathtaking views of the city. In the afternoon, your journey continues to the Monastery of Daphne or Kaisariani, a Christian site that dates back to the 11th century and is dedicated to the Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple.

Daphne; The monastery has a deep spiritual significance that resonates with many individuals

Daphni Monastery Athens
Daphni Monastery Athens

Exploring the secrets of Daphni Monastery

Located in the verdant surroundings of Attica, Greece, rests a well-kept secret rich in history and spiritual importance – the Daphni Monastery. Dating from the 11th century, this Byzantine monastery is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site that enchants guests with its breathtaking mosaics and splendid architectural design.

The Daphni Monastery has a rich history, originally built on the location of a temple dedicated to Apollo, and later commissioned by Emperor Constantine IX Monomachos in the 11th century. Over the years, it has been a significant religious center and pilgrimage site, attracting believers from various regions. The monastery is known for its stunning mosaics that beautifully decorate the church’s walls and ceilings

The Daphni Monastery has been a spiritual haven for many over the years, offering a sanctuary for worship, prayer, and contemplation. The peaceful ambiance and exquisite mosaics inspire a feeling of calm and respect, encouraging guests to reconnect with their inner selves and find solace amid the chaos of contemporary society.

Ancient Greek Agora; A Glimpse into the Heart of Ancient Civilization

Athens Agora Monastiraki
Athens Agora Monastiraki

Athens Agora: Cultural and Social Hub

Located at the center of Athens, the Agora was not just a simple market – it served as the pulse of society, where politics, culture, and social interactions converged to define the core of civilization. Join us on a historical exploration to uncover the enchanting secrets and marvels of the Ancient Greek Agora in Athens. The Athens Ancient Greek Agora was a crucial public space where citizens gathered for different activities. It functioned as a marketplace, a meeting point for political talks, a location for religious rituals, and a center for social connections. The term “Agora” means “gathering place” in Greek, showing its importance in the daily lives of Ancient Greeks.

The heart of the Agora was its marketplace, where merchants and traders from across the Mediterranean came together to trade their wares. Additionally, the Agora served as the political center of the city-state, hosting discussions, decision-making, and democratic practices. Here, the groundwork for democracy was established, granting each citizen a role in governing their community. The Agora served as more than just an economic and political center – it was also a bustling cultural and social epicenter. Artists, philosophers, and citizens would come together to converse, enjoy performances, and partake in festivities. This vibrant hub was a beacon for creativity and intellect, fostering the growth of the arts and the birth of innovative ideas.


Once the tour is over, you have the rest of the evening to discover even more of Athens at your leisure. Overnight in Athens.

Biblical Peloponnese

Corinth Church Of Saint Paul
Corinth Church Of Saint Paul

Paul in Corinth

After enjoying a hearty breakfast, day two of the tour will take you to Corinth, an important destination for St Paul during his travels. He spent 18 months in this city, spreading his message to both the local Gentiles and Jews.

Despite facing numerous challenges during his time in Corinth, he wrote four letters to the locals, now known as the “Letters to Corinthians.” During the trip, you will have the opportunity to visit the famous Acropolis, also known as Acrocorinth, which offers breathtaking views of the city below. And of course, a tour of the ancient ruins of Corinth will be a highlight of the day.

Embark on an exclusive tour as you journey to Mycenae, renowned for its towering Cyclopean Walls and magnificent Royal Tombs. Afterwards, you will have the pleasure of exploring Nafplion, a charming seaside town that holds a significant place in Greek history as the first capital of the country during the revolution against the Ottomans in 1821. Add to that its popularity among the locals of Athens as a prime vacation spot!

Mycenae: Exploring the Ancient Civilization


Mycenae; Legends and Mythology

The history of Mycenae dates back thousands of years, with the city reaching its peak around 1350 BC. The Mycenaeans were known for their impressive architectural achievements, advanced military tactics, and intricate artwork. The famous Lion Gate, adorned with two lion sculptures, stands as a grand entrance to the citadel of Mycenae and is a striking example of the Mycenaean’s architectural prowess. Mycenae is deeply intertwined with Greek mythology, particularly in the epic tales of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. According to legend, Mycenae was founded by Perseus, the mythical hero who slew the Gorgon Medusa. The city is also associated with Agamemnon, the king who led the Greek forces in the Trojan War.

The story of Agamemnon’s family, which includes his wife Clytemnestra and their children, contributes to the intrigue and drama surrounding the history of Mycenae. Recent archaeological findings at Mycenae have revealed a wealth of artifacts that provide valuable insights into the daily life, religion, and societal structure of the Mycenaean civilization. These discoveries range from intricately designed pottery and beautifully crafted jewelry to elaborate tombs containing grave offerings, each shedding light on the customs and practices of this ancient culture.

Nafplion: A Hidden Gem in Greece

Nafplion Peloponnese Greece

Discover the Charm of Nafplion

The exclusive tour will take you to Nafplion, a picturesque Venetian town in the Argolis region. This town was once the first capital of modern Greece in the 1800s, adding a special charm to its appeal. It is a must-see destination for history and culture enthusiasts interested in Greek history. Nafplion’s past as a vital seaport controlled by different royal families during the Middle Ages, as a part of the lordship of Argos and Nauplia, showcases its strategic significance in the area.

When you visit Palamidi fortress, you’ll immerse yourself in its rich history and grandeur. The fortress overlooks the town, offering stunning views that will leave you in awe. Take a leisurely stroll through the charming streets to fully experience the local culture and atmosphere. By combining these experiences, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the town that seamlessly blends its past with its present charm. Explore the authentic old houses to get a glimpse into the town’s history and character. Don’t forget to visit the local shops selling handmade goods and jewelry for a unique touch to your experience.

Return to Athens

Finally, your attentive driver will safely escort you back to Athens for a restful overnight.

Cristian Gems of Central Greece and Thessaly

Delphi, Temple Of Athens Pronea
Corinth Church Of Saint Paul

On the third day of our tour, we will embark from Athens once again, setting our sights on Delphi, a captivating location steeped in ancient history.

Our first stop will be the Osseus Lucas Monastery, a renowned Byzantine site nestled in central Greece. This monastery, also known as St. (Ossios) Lucas, stands as one of the most significant monuments of the Middle Byzantine era in Greece.

In fact, it is often hailed as the “Hagia Sophia of central Greece.” With its striking architecture and rich history, Osseus Lucas is considered the crown jewel of 11th century Byzantine monuments in Greece.

From there, your next stop will be Delphi, the sacred ground of the Oracle, devoted to the mighty deity Apollo. With its rich history, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the archaeological site and peruse the fascinating artifacts and sculptures housed in the Museum.

Osseus Lucas: A truly unique experience

St. Lucas Monastery
St. Lucas Monastery

Come and visit the Monastery of Osseus Lucas for a truly unique experience. Feel the ancient energy and history within its walls as you embark on a journey through time and reflection. Hosios Lucas, is a significant monument from the Middle Byzantine era in Greece known as the Hagia Sophia of central Greece. This monastery, dating back to the 11th century, is considered the most important Byzantine monument in Greece. Visitors can admire its unparalleled beauty and architectural significance, as it is a UNESCO-protected site that attracts daily guests.

The monastery of Hosios Loukas, situated on the western slope of Mount Elikon, beneath the acropolis of Ancient Stirio, is famously known as Hagia Sophia of Roumeli and dates back to the 11th century AD. Inspired by the Byzantine architecture of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, this monastery was not only a hub for literature and arts but also a clandestine school during the Turkish rule. It stands out as a unique destination in Greece, transporting visitors back to the grandeur of the Byzantine era. A pilgrimage to the sanctuary of St. Luke is a must for every devout Christian, offering a reverent experience that resonates through time.

Travel to Meteora

Recharge with a delicious lunch in Delphi or the charming neighboring village of Arachova before embarking on your journey to Meteora. Concluding the day, you’ll end up in Kastraki-Kalambaka, ready to immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery and spend a relaxing night.

Meteora Thrones

Meteora Greece
Meteora Greece

Embark on a captivating journey with our private sightseeing tour as we take you to witness the awe-inspiring Meteora, also known as the suspended rocks, in the early hours of the morning.

This natural wonder boasts an unusual array of rock formations and is home to the famous Meteora Monasteries, the second most significant complex of Byzantine monasteries after Athos.

Be amazed by the majestic monasteries perched on the breathtaking cliffs of Meteora and marvel at the superb collection of icons, manuscripts, and one-of-a-kind mosaics and frescoes they exhibit.

Continue our Travels to Veroia

After a delicious lunch, our tour will take you to Veroia where you will spend the night.


Vergina: Unveiling the Mysteries of Mythical Vergina

Vergina King Philip II
Vergina King Philip II

Unearthing the Treasures of Vergina

Next, we’ll journey towards Vergina, the historic first capital of Macedonia, once ruled by the legendary Alexander the Great. Vergina, a small town in Greece, is steeped in history and mystery. Famous for its archaeological treasures and ancient ruins, it has fascinated historians and enthusiasts for years. According to legend, Vergina was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Macedon, where King Philip II and his son, Alexander the Great, once ruled. The town is believed to be the resting place of these legendary figures, with their tombs surrounded by secrets and fascination.

Discovering the Hidden Gems: During the 1970s, archaeologists uncovered a significant finding in Vergina – the Royal Tombs of Aigai. These tombs, thought to be the final resting place of King Philip II and other members of the royal lineage, contained a plethora of valuable treasures and artifacts that offered valuable insights into the ancient Macedonian society. Some of the remarkable discoveries included intricate gold jewelry, intricate burial masks, and intricate frescoes that adorned the walls of the tombs. These artifacts not only displayed the opulence and authority of the Macedonian leaders but also illuminated their spiritual beliefs and cultural customs. Vergina’s Rich History Awaits. Wander through the ruins of the royal palace, admire the detailed mosaics in the Macedonian Tombs, and uncover the mysteries of this intriguing town. In Summary, Vergina offers more than just a glimpse into history – it provides a portal to the ancient Macedonian civilization, a powerhouse that influenced empires and historical events.

The Vima Of Paul In Veroia

Vima Saint Paul In Veroia
Vima Saint Paul In Veroia

On the 5th day of your private tour, you’ll explore the stunning city of Veroia, known for being the site where St Paul famously spread his message to the Jewish community.

While in Veroia, you’ll witness the meticulously reconstructed steps of the pulpit, where Paul is said to have delivered his powerful sermons.

Next, we’ll journey towards Vergina, the historic first capital of Macedonia, once ruled by the legendary Alexander the Great.

As the day comes to a close, we’ll travel to Thessaloniki for a comfortable overnight stay. Set out on this unforgettable journey with us and experience the beauty and history of Greece.

Travel to Thessaloniki

Once we’ve finished exploring the lovely city of Veroia, we will head to Thessaloniki. After checking into your hotel, you’ll have the rest of the evening free to enjoy in Thessaloniki before spending the night there.

The Capital Of North Greece


Exploring the Enchanting Charm of Thessaloniki

After taking in a hearty breakfast, get ready to embark on an exciting city tour of Thessaloniki – Greece’s second largest city and a significant place for St Paul, who founded a church here (Acts 17:1-10).

The tour will cover major attractions such as the stunning St Sophia and St Demetrios churches, the upper section of the Old City Walls, the iconic White Tower of Thessaloniki, and the impressive Triumphal Arch of Galerius.

Your accommodation for the night will be in either Thessaloniki or Verroia, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the city’s rich history.

Overnight in Thessaloniki

Once we’ve finished exploring the lovely city of Thessaloniki, you’ll have the rest of the evening free to enjoy in city before spending the night there.

Uncovering the History of Philippi

Philippi Kavala
Philippi Kavala

The Life and Legacy of Philippi

Embark on a captivating excursion departing from Thessaloniki en route to Philippi, christened in honor of the illustrious King Philip II of Macedonia.

This sacred locale marks the historic moment when St. Paul delivered his inaugural sermon on European soil and baptized Lydia, the inaugural convert to Christianity in this region.

While exploring Philippi and its nearby areas, we will also venture to the city of Kavala, also known as Neapolis, where St. Paul first stepped foot into Europe. Immerse yourself in the charm of Kavala, renowned for its significant landmarks, as we enjoy ample time to uncover its hidden gems.

Stay in Kavala

Spend the night in Kavala and continue our journey filled with wondrous adventures.

Back To Athens

King Leonidas, Thermopylae
King Leonidas, Thermopylae

As the final day of the tour approaches, we will journey back to Athens, stopping at various intriguing locations along the way, including Katerini, Tembi, Larisa, Lamia, and Thermopylae – the historic site of the legendary battle of the 300.

With an afternoon arrival in Athens, our journey will come to a close.

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Persons with Disabilities

  • Due to uneven surfaces, certain sites are not recommended for persons with walking disabilities or using a wheelchair. Such sites are the Acropolis, the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, Mycenae, Delphi and Meteora
  • In all cases, we recommend comfortable flat-solid walking shoes, sunglasses, and sunscreen.


In the winter season, we may need to make some minor adjustments to our itinerary. This is because some of the archaeological sites close earlier, at 3 pm, while in the summer they stay open until 5-7 pm.

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