Athens Walking Tours

Explore Athens’s sights with your friendly and knowledgeable local licensed tour guide. Experience the culture and lifestyle as we delve into the history, stories and secrets of Greece’s most popular city on our daily Athens Walking Tours.

Walking is one of the gentlest exercises, yet so richly rewarding. Your perspective changes with each step, leading you to places otherwise unreachable.
We make it particularly fun for you to explore on these walking tours, whether you want the experience of a small guided group, or the independence of being private-guided. In both cases you will have the benefit of vehicle support (optional).

These itineraries include the best walking paths and walking routes available, and the logistics to make a seamless walking tour.

Athens Walking Tours (Semi)

Shore Excursions (Athens Walking Tours)

Walking Tours Of Athens (Private)

Athens Food, Wine Tour & Cooking Lesson

  • athens_food_tour

    Athens Food Tour ( Walking Tours)

    taste the Greek Feta cheese, Greek olives, Greek wines and get to know more traditional foods on a neighborhood walk that revolves around sampling Greece’s traditional food!
  • athens-cooking-lesson food tour

    Athens Cooking Lesson with Dinner

    With a small group, you’ll work together to prepare a Greek dinner. You’ll take home the easy-to-follow recipes so you can host your own Greek dinner party back home. The dinner typically includes the preparation of 3 to 4 starters, salad, a main dish and a dessert.
  • athens wine tasting tour

    Athens Wine Tasting Tour

    Beautiful ambience, combined with lovely music and the atmosphere of a friendly & familiar place in the heart of a big city. During the wine tasting, you will have the opportunity to taste 5 different varieties