Minibus tours in Athens, Greece

Minibus tours in Athens take pride in providing you high-quality custom-made tours to a wide array of archaeological sites, thematic tours, and visits to the most important highlights of your desired destination in Greece.

The great advantage of minibus tours is that they are designed to satisfy your individual travel needs, with English speaking drivers that will drive you safely all over the islands and the sites of interest.

Minibus tours are becoming a popular choice for groups and families in Athens and Greece in general, because they are quite affordable, and much more convenient for smaller and larger groups.

Dedicated private transfer minibus tours are staffed with professional drivers, who are fluent in English and can provide you with the best possible information for your trips.

Our fleet is comprised of brand new minibus vehicles and luxury cars that can take you everywhere you want comfortably and in style. The vehicles used for private transfers and tours are new, modern luxury models with complete comfort and safety equipment.

Minibus tours are ideal for small groups of 5-19 persons, whether families or groups of friends, who would otherwise require two to five different private vehicles that would cost much more instead. They are also much more affordable and convenient compared to large buses.

Minibus Tours in Athens, Greece
Minibus Tours in Athens, Greece

Especially in Athens, renowned for its narrow streets and sharp turns, minibusses have an obvious advantage: their flexibility and freedom on the roads, which ensures that you will be able to visit any place you want and that you can park rather easily. Minibus tours are also more convenient for people with reduced mobility, or for those who wish to stop when they see something interesting and fun.

Minibus tours also allow a feeling of companionship during traveling and sightseeing; just think how pleasant it is when you want to share your thoughts and ideas with your fellow travelers and they are all traveling along with you, sharing their own experiences and impressions from your trip. Minibus tours are indeed considered to be
both safe and fun, hence, are increasingly gaining fans all over the world.

Especially in Athens, with the variety of sites and sights, minibus tours are a very exciting way to travel, because they are compact, convenient, safe, customizable, and
definitely cheaper compared to private cars and large buses. In any case, when traveling what you are looking for is safety and convenience: minibus tours in Athens offer you both and ensure a hassle-free tour for you and your family and friends.

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