Winter Vacations In Greece

Travel Greece in winter to see this exciting region in a different light.  Having all the same great attractions, only without the summer crowds. You’re guaranteed more time to see the sights, enjoy the original Mediterranean food and experience a more relaxed local vibe.

Visit Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens, hit the slopes of Parnasos, chase the Oia sunset in Santorini or party in the New Year Athens style. Our handcrafted itineraries are designed to mix freedom with epic experiences. So go on, satisfy your winter wanderlust.

Greece Winter Vacations

  • Visit Athens on this superb 3 days winter break

    Meet your tour leader and step back to 8 century BC in one of the world's oldest city on a private tour and experience the cradle of the western civilization. Have fun.
  • Visit Athens and Argolis on this awesome 4 days winter holiday package

    Join the Peloponnese in their local tradition of visiting the famous corinth canal, Mycenae, the picturesque on the water Nafplio, plus the fascinating capital of Greece, Athens on this four day make your private tour.
  • delphi greece

    Winter express Athens and Delphi on 4 days winter vacation break

    Start the winter package in style in Vibrant Athens! See the Acropolis, Plaka (the old Athens), the Panathenean Olympic stadium and more.Continue your visit to the most celebrated place of the ancient world, Delphi.
  • A fantastic Athens best with a Saronic cruise on 4 days winter package

    Head to Athens for New Year! The capital of Greece is home to some of the world's most famous New Year celebrations,. Take a city tour of Athens, explore the Athens Acropolis, Plaka and many more. If you are visiting Athens at Christmas period, enjoy the fantastic street party on New Year’s Eve!
  • Athens and Athens Riviera hottest 4 days winter holiday

    There's no better way to spend 4 days than experiencing all that this fabulous country has to offer in winter! From the Acropolis and Parthenon to the famous oracle of Delphi, the towering Greek mountains to the famous canal of Corinth, the sights and sounds of Athens will stay with you long after this winter tour of Greece is over.
  • Discover Athens and Greece on 5 days winter holiday

    On our amazing Peloponnese and central Greece Territory trips you can journey through the myths, visit Greece's famous oracle, discover incredible natural wonders and experience the Greek culture first hand.
  • Celebrate Athens and the famous ancient citadels on 5 days winter vacation

    Explore Greece's most cosmopolitan cities and savour the natural beauty of South Greece, Peloponnese and central Greece on a Athens Tours Greece trip.Check out the nation's capital, Athens, travel to Greece's highest peak, visit Athens Cultural centre to learn about the western culture and much more on a fantastic Athens Tours Greece adventure between Greece's cities.
  • Winter Yasou Greece 6 days

    Discover the best travel highlights of an Athens and Greece winter holidays, only without the usual crowds and queues in private! Explore all that the wonderful country of Greece has to offer, artistic masterpieces, historic treasures, fascinating cities, amazing landscapes, original Mediterranean food, wonderful wine and buzzing nightlife. To tour Greece in winter with a private tour lets you immerse yourself in the rich culture of this fascinating country.
  • The winter wonder in 6 days

    To travel Greece in winter is to see the region in a different light. All the physical highlights in Greece remain the same, only with the added benefit of far smaller crowds. But at street level the region adopts a slightly different attitude as it warms up during the colder months with healthy doses of festive cheer. And of course there is the extra bonus with the chance of seeing any one of the charming Greek cities wearing a coat of fresh snow!
  • Athens and the famous classical Greece 7 days

    Greece has so much to offer, so much to see and do and one of the best things about travelling Greece in winter is that there are far fewer crowds and you can fly through the queues! But that is not the only advantage; to travel Greece in winter also means to see this fascinating region in a whole new light as it wraps itself in season cheer to keep warm during the chilly months. And don't forget the chance to see elegant old cities combining modern life and culture!
  • The best of Athens and Santorini 7 days

    With more natural wonders than can be considered fair for an island of its size, Santorini offers visitors stunning scenery and contrast. From vast beauty of the Caldera to the famous Oia sunset, it's little wonder the people here are some of the happiest on earth.
  • Island explorer - Athens and Mykonos Best 7 Days

    Journey Greece's glorious Mykonos island and Athens the capital of Greece. Turn fantasy into reality with a Athens Tours Greece trip in Mykonos and savour the little Venice, the famous beaches paradise and super paradise together with the words celebrities. There's no wonder Mykonos is considered the world's celebrities capital. Enjoy the Land of the philosophers, scientist and artist. Explore Athens the birth place of the western civilization.
  • The luxurious Snow ski best of Greece winter vacation - 10 days

    Athens Tour Greece's 10 day Ski winter packages are brilliant flexible ski and snowboard trips in the Parnasos and Helmos mountains. Combine culture and ski in the Central Greece and Peloponnese region, then tailor your equipment hire and lessons upon arrival. You'll be able to access to world-class runs to satisfy beginners and experts alike, plus enjoy some exclusive ski resorts inclusions and après ski activities! Hit the slopes and Ski Greece with us.