Shore Excursions in Athens

Are you visiting Port Piraeus in Athens on a cruise ship? We have carefully designed shore excursions for cruise passengers to experience the best of Athens! Explore the Acropolis, enjoy the every day life of the Athenians!

Half-day shore excursions in Athens

  • Embark / Disembark Tour In Athens With Transfers

    Half day embark or disembark tour in Athens

    The half-day embark or disembark tour in Athens is a tour specifically designed for visitors who are coming to Athens on a cruise ship and have a rather limited time to spend in the city, but still wish to make the most out of it.
  • The Golden Age Of Athens 6 Hours Private Tour Including The Acropolis Museum

    The Golden Age of Athens in 6h private tour

    The six hours Golden Age private tour in Athens is an excellent chance to see both the modern and ancient parts of the city on a city tour that will definitely convince you to come back for more.
  • Athens half-day tour | Enjoy the highlights of Athens in a private sightseeing tour

    The highlights of Athens in a half day 4h private tour

    The half-day tour in Athens is a well-appointed private sightseeing tour and it is the perfect way to explore the historical capital of Greece and its worldwide known monuments just in a few hours.
  • Poseidon's Cape Sounion and Athens Riviera 4 H Private Tour

    Athens Cape Sounion and Poseidon's temple private tour

    The half-day tour in Cape Sounion and Athens takes you to the most beautiful parts of Athens, and of course to the breathtaking views of Cape Sounion with the dominant temple of Poseidon.
  • Half-Day Tour To Corinth Canal And Ancient Corinth

    Enjoy your very own half-day private tour to Corinth

    If you wish to enjoy Corinth at your own pace and style, the private half day tour to Corinth canal and ancient Corinth is an excellent chance to visit the important archaeological sites of the area, while feeling the refreshing breeze of the sea caressing your face.

    Athens Museum Tour

    The private half-day tour to the Museums of Athens is one of the tours you will love since it will take you to all major museums in Athens, a city that boasts some of the most interesting sites and relics.
  • Christian 4-h Athens tour in the footsteps of St. Paul

    Half day Christian Tour in Athens

    The 4.30 hours Christian tour in Athens is a half day tour designed for those who have just a few hours available in the city but wish to explore its Christian roots along with the other important sites of this historical city.
  • Jewish Tour And Athens Sightseeing In 6 Hours

    6 hours Jewish tour in Athens

    The 6 hours Jewish tour in Athens is a private tour in Athens designed for Jewish people or for anyone interested in this intriguing part of the city.
  • Marathon And Artemida – Brauron From Athens Or Piraeus Port

    Private tour to Athens, Marathon and Brauron

    The private tour to Athens, Marathon and Brauron includes some of the most important sites in and outside the city of Athens, giving you a full idea of how Athens was in ancient times.
  • Half day tour to Corinth Canal and wineries of Nemea

    Half-day tour to Corinth Canal and wineries of Nemea

    This half-day tour will take you to Corinth Canal and the wineries of Nemea, where you will get to visit the wine estate in Nemea that crafts world-class red wines from local varieties.
  • Τhe Acropolis and Plaka in 4 H self tour

    The four hours self tour designed for cruise passengers don’t wont to participate in any group tour and they want to discover Athens by themselves. Τhe tour with the information of our tour driver experts will help you to enjoy your freedom in the land that discovered it.
  • Walking tours in Athens

    Walking tours in Athens

    There is a vast selection of walking tours in Athens. Athens walking tours allowing you to visit important archaeological sites all over the city. Find out all our private and shared walking tours in Athens.

Full-day shore excursions in Athens

  • The Best Of Athens Full Day Sightseeing Private Tour

    The Best of Athens full-day private tour

    The best of Athens full-day tour is a private tour that will give you a full and complete idea of how Athens used to be, combining the best of the modern and the ancient parts of the city. It is an absolute must-do tour in Athens.
  • Athens City Highlights And Cape Sounion Private Tour

    The adventure of Athens best and Poseidon's temple in cape Sounion

    This full day combines an Athens city tour with a visit to Poseidon s temple in cape Sounion admiring the Athens Riviera with the visit to the seaside parts of Athens, giving you a comprehensive idea of this historical city and its modern suburbs.
  • Full-Day Sightseeing Tour In Athens, Corinth Canal And Ancient Corinth

    A full-day sightseeing tour in Athens, Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinth

    The full-day sightseeing tour in Athens, Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinth takes you to the two major cities of the ancient times within just one day, in a convenient and affordable tour you should not miss!
  • Full-Day Tour To Corinth, Mycenae, Nafplion

    An exciting private full day tour to Corinth, Mycenae and Nafplio

    The private full-day tour to Corinth, Mycenae, and Nafplion is designed for those who wish to spend a day visiting sites of significant importance in Greece but also sites that stand out due to their beautiful and picturesque landscape. Don’t miss the chance for an exciting day tour.
  • Meticulous 8-h tour to Corinth, Epidaurus, Nafplio, Mycenae

    Full day tour to Corinth, Epidaurus Theater, Nafplion and Mycenae

    The full-day tour to Corinth, Epidaurus, Nafplion, and Mycenae is designed for those who are time-challenged but still wish to visit some of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Time and cost-efficient, this tour is one of the best day tours you can choose.
  • Exquisite visit to legendary Delphi, in an 8-h private tour

    A full day tour to the history of Delphi

    The full day tour to Delphi is an exciting tour to the history of the famous Oracle of Apollo that dominated the Greek history and mythology 2500 years ago. Driving through a gorgeous countryside, the tour takes you for a full day private sightseeing in Delphi, where you can visit the museum and the archaeological site of Delphi.
  • Thrilling Delphi & Miraculous Lucas Monastery 8-h tour

    Delphi, Osios Lucas Monastery or Heronia in a full day tour

    The full-day tour to Delphi and Osios Lucas is a great chance to visit the archaeological site of Delphi and experience its amazing energy, but also combine it with an interesting visit to the Monastery of St Lucas, which is not only an important monastery but also an architectural marvel.
  • 8-h Explosive Wine day tour to Corinth, Nemea, and Nafplion

    Full-day wine tour to Corinth, Nemea and Nafplion

    This full-day wine tour in Greece is an enticing private tour designed to tickle your taste buds. It is a perfect tour, aiming at pleasing both the history and taste lovers in a country that easily combines both.
  • Full-Day Jewish Tour In Athens

    An Intriguing full-day Jewish Tour in Athens

    The full day Jewish tour in Athens is a private tour off the beaten path in Athens that allows you to get to know the pulsing Jewish part of the historical city.
  • Following The Footsteps Of St Paul In Athens, Corinth Canal And Ancient Corinth

    Following the footsteps of St Paul in Athens, Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinth

    The full day Christian tour in Athens and Corinth takes you to two major stops of St Paul during his stay in Greece and gives you an insight of his work in these two historical cities, as well of their emminent imprortance.
  • Visit Athens and admire the phenomenon of Evia island 8 hours tour

    Full day tour in Athens and Evia

    The full day tour in Athens and Evia is an 8hour long tour starting from Athens. It will take you to the Acropolis, where you can admire the glorious Parthenon, and then drive you to the nearby town of Chalkida, where you will see not only the beautiful coastline of Chalkis, but also the impressive phenomenon of Evripos tide.
  • Christian 8-h tour in Athens following the greatness of St Paul

    Semi private guided cruise tour in Athens

    NEW! This shared shore excursion by minibus combines the affordable prices, the convenience of a small group up to 16 people and the advantage of having a professional tour guide for a full-day sightseeing tour in Athens.