Differences between a tour guide and a tour driver

Understanding the Roles: Drivers, Guides and Tour Escorts

Choosing the right professional for your tour is crucial to enhancing your travel experience. This guide explains the differences between English-speaking tour drivers, guides, and tour escorts to help you make an informed decision based on your needs.

The Role of an English Speaking Tour Driver

An English-speaking tour driver is a local driver who speaks fluent English and has an in-depth knowledge of the area. These drivers are licensed professionals who can provide specific information about the region, but are not authorized to provide historical or artistic insights. They cannot take guests to tourist attractions or archaeological sites due to strict local regulations.

Choosing an English-speaking tour driver is ideal if you need transportation around your destination, especially since they have special access to certain areas. Keep in mind, however, that parking restrictions in historic centers may prevent the driver from staying by your side at all times. They will, however, guide you on what to see and do in the area.

tour driver
tour guide

The Expertise of an Official Licensed Tour Guide

Tourist guides are professionals who have undergone extensive training and passed rigorous exams to become certified. Recognized by a special badge, these guides are trained to provide detailed historical and artistic explanations at archaeological sites, museums, churches and monuments. If you’re looking for an in-depth understanding of the cultural and historical significance of your travel destinations, hiring a guide is the way to go.

The Comprehensive Assistance of a Tour Escort

Tour escorts are licensed professionals who specialize in making sure your trip goes smoothly. Their responsibilities include meeting and greeting clients, assisting with logistics, managing group schedules, keeping participants engaged, and providing general information about the places being visited. While tour escorts provide invaluable assistance and can make travel stress-free, they do not provide in-depth historical explanations like official tour guides.


Choosing between an English-speaking driver, a licensed tour guide, or a tour escort depends on the nature of your travel needs. Whether it’s navigating your destination, gaining insightful knowledge about the places you visit, or ensuring your itinerary runs smoothly, understanding these roles will ensure you choose the perfect professional for your trip.

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