This is how we disinfect our vehicles, against Covid 19!

This is how we disinfect our vehicles, against Covid 19!

Athens Tours Greece; This Is How We Disinfect Our Vehicles! The more corona spreads, the more we learn about how we can protect ourselves and point out the points where we should focus on and you could use it for your own car!

Important Travel Alert

Athens Tours Greece following the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, the European Union countries as well as the Greek state passed a law on April 13th,  2020 that allows travel businesses to issue a voucher

Health Protection Measures For Covid-19

Health protection measures for Covid-19

At Athene Tours Greece, our priority is the good health of our customers, our people, our staff and our partners. In light of the developments since the rapid deployment of COVID-19, we would like to inform you of the measures we have taken to ensure the ability to communicate seamlessly and to serve our customers’ needs.

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