Crete, Greece

DERTOUR: Crete is the best island in the world for holidays – Rhodes is also in the top ten

Based on a comprehensive survey conducted by tour operator DERTOUR, it’s evident that Crete is the ultimate holiday destination among 60 islands worldwide. Through careful evaluation of 18 different criteria, Crete surpasses all others and stands out as the premier choice for tourism.

Crete excelled in nearly every aspect, securing the top spot for hotel affordability, sunny days, high temperatures, low rainfall, an abundance of Blue Flag beaches, clean drinking water, proficient local English speakers, vibrant nightlife, abundant tours, a strong presence on Instagram, a high level of safety, top-notch surf schools, thrilling waterparks, reasonable prices for beer and taxis.

In addition, Rhodes achieved an impressive feat by securing a spot in the elite list of the world’s best islands, boasting an 8th place ranking. Accompanying Rhodes on this prestigious list are Tenerife, taking second place, followed by Sicily, Cyprus, Gran Canaria, Majorca, Madeira, and rounding out the rankings are the magnificent islands of Bali and Fuerteventura.

Crete Is The Best Island In The World For Holidays
Crete Is The Best Island In The World For Holidays

Crete stands at the forefront of pristine beaches, boasting the most Blue Flags out of the top ten destinations (133). Not to be outdone, Rhodes also shines in this category with a respectable 55 clean beaches. And when it comes to drinking water quality, both Greek islands achieve top marks, with a perfect score of 100 out of 100. It’s clear that both Crete and Rhodes prioritize the well-being of their coastal environments, making them prime destinations for travelers seeking crystal clear waters and unspoiled shores.

When it comes to the cost of hotels, Crete offers the most budget-friendly options for three-star accommodations, following closely behind Bali’s rate of 25 euros per night. On average, an overnight stay in Crete will cost you 64 euros, whereas Rhodes boasts a slightly higher average of 94 euros. For those looking for an indulgent experience, Majorca and Sicily top the list with their lavish three-star hotels priced at 134 and 111 euros, respectively.

The four-star hotels in both Crete and Rhodes have a comparable price point of 161 and 160 euros, respectively. However, among the top ten islands, Majorca stands out as the priciest option with an average cost of 184 euros. On the other hand, for those seeking a more budget-friendly destination, Bali comes in at the lowest price of only 83 euros.

Crete Is The Best Island In The World For Holidays – Rhodes Is Also In The Top Ten
Crete Is The Best Island In The World For Holidays – Rhodes Is Also In The Top Ten

When it comes to luxury vacations, Crete trumps Rhodes as the pricier option, with average costs of 268 euros and 228 euros respectively. Claiming the top spots for most expensive destinations are Sicily, with an average of 684 euros, and Cyprus, with an average of 478 euros. For budget-friendly options, look no further than Gran Canaria, where the average cost is a mere 208 euros.

Crete has an impressive number of 1478 tours available, placing it in third position among the top ten destinations. Its size accounts for this abundant tour selection, placing it just behind Bali with 3,655 tours and Sicily with 2,030. In comparison, Rhodes offers a smaller but still noteworthy 402 tours.

With a quick glance at Instagram, one can see that Crete and Rhodes are not as popular as other islands, with only 5.9 million and 2.4 million hashtags respectively. In contrast, Bali boasts a whopping 69.3 million hashtags and even Sicily has 17 million.

According to the research, bus fares in Crete are currently priced at 1.20 euros, while taxis charge 1 euro per kilometer and car rentals cost 58 euros per day during August 2023. Furthermore, the optimal time to visit this beautiful island is between May and October, with June to September being the perfect season for taking a dip in the crystal-clear waters.

Artical 19 Janouary 2024