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Our private tours in Athens provide you with the chance to explore one of the most thrilling and exciting cities in the world; a city that boasts 5000 years of history and can easily drag you to a game of legends, myths, and historical truths that have inspired the birth and evolution of the Western civilization.

Athens seems to be like a huge archaeological and historical park, where its past has reconciled with the present and the intense social life of the Athenians gives a new boost to the feelings of admiration and awe for the city. Although the modern part of the city is not as beautiful as the historical one, Athens remains one of the most charming cities in the world, since somehow, it has managed to blend the old with the new, the ancient with the modern, and the Greek culture with the culture of its immigrants.

The private tours to Athens give you the chance to visit both the modern and historical parts of the city, as well as the nearby sites of Sounion and Corinth, and can be customized according to your schedule and time frame. If you are visiting Greece for a few days or even hours, you simply cannot miss Athens, the indisputable cradle of modern culture and civilization.


Delphi is one of the most alluring sites in Greece; a mystical place once considered the navel of the Earth. It is said that if the Greeks had not chosen Delphi to be the focal point of their cult, someone else would have done so. Delphi boasts the best-preserved sanctuary of God Apollo, and definitely the most significant one. The Olympian God had chosen this place to provide people with his oracles and advise them on their actions and decisions.

The archaeological site of Delphi is well preserved and the ancient theatre is one of the most stunning ancient theatres in the world. However, the best is still to be found in the Museum of Delphi, where visitors can see the impressive statue of the Bronze Charioteer, namely Eniochos, and an array of significant artifacts, such as the Sphynx of Naxos and the Twin Brothers.

Delphi also stands out due to its spectacular location: at the feet of Mt Parnassus, and above a gorgeous bay with sapphire blue waters. Its position on the map gives adds to its fame and to the feeling it creates for the visitor. Check our tours to Delphi and find the one that meets your requirements!


Meteora is one of these places that leave the visitor in awe; it is one of the most extraordinary sites in the world, as the complex of monasteries is built not only onto but also into the pinnacles of huge rock formations in the plain of Thessaly. The word to describe the feeling on top is serenity.

The earliest Meteora monasteries date back to the 11th century AD and at that time monks and nuns would use hanging ladders to climb the rocks. The particular formation of the rocks and the overall location provided the monks and nuns with a safe and serene haven, a refuge from the world. Till today, the complex of Meteora is the second most important religious center in Europe after the complex of Monasteries in Athos.

The uniqueness of the landscape and the significance of the monasteries are such that the tours to Meteora cannot miss from our list of tours. Whether on a short tour or the classical multi-days tour, we will make sure that one of our stops is in Meteora; the only thing you have to do is have your cameras ready to take some of the most breathtaking pictures back with you.

Nafplion, Mycenae, Epidaurus

We have designed a vast variety of tours in Argolis, one of the most beautiful parts of the country in the Peloponnese Peninsula. Full of sites of immense historical importance, Peloponnese has some really interesting places to show: Nafplion is the first capital city of modern Greece and a charming little town with cobblestone paths and little shops that sell handmade items of all kinds. An immense fortress overlooks the town offering breathtaking views to the Argolic Gulf; in its middle stands a small islet, Bourtzi, once upon a time prison and now a site to visit with a small boat.

Little further stands the most important ancient theatre of the world; the theater of Epidaurus with its amazing acoustics, situated in the heart of the sanctuary of Asclepios. Epidaurus was the place where all the poets presented their plays in the ancient years and still today in the summer, the theatre becomes the center of attention since the summer festival takes place there.

Athens Tours Greece will also take you to Mycenae, the capital city of the Mycenaean civilization in the Bronze Age, and the city of King Agamemnon, the chief of the Greek army in the Trojan War. Check one of the private tours to Argolis and choose the one that will take you to these unique sites in an amazing landscape.

Greek Islands

Although the first word that comes to your mind when talking about Greece is Athens, the Greek islands are actually synonymous with vacations in most people’s minds. And that comes definitely with a reason.

Greece is blessed with hundreds of thousands of miles of coastline that embraces the beautiful villages and towns. The Greek islands boast whitewashed houses, dazzling sunlight, a refreshing sea breeze, and a great variety of landscapes and sites to visit.

From the eerie and astonishing beauty of the volcanic island of Santorini to the white-blue of Myconos and the cobblestone paths of Hydra, the Greek islands will never leave you unsatisfied, since they feature the best that Greece has to offer: a chance for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Greek islands are the summer holiday hotspot of the world; the pristine coves, the sandy beaches, and the famous Greek cuisine are the most attractive features that amaze the tourists and make them return.

We have designed an array of private tours to the Greek islands for the lovers of adventure and historical sites, as well as daily cruises for those who wish to visit the islands of the Saronic Gulf and cool off in one of their numerous beaches.

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