The Guardian selects 10 diamonds of Greek tourism

“Greece is the word on everyone’s lips and, fingers crossed, its sun-kissed beaches will welcome us back soon. All these places offer a taste of true Greek culture!

The 10 most beautiful safe destinations in Greece are suggested by the Guardian, according to its judgment, to Britain and to its readers, emphasizing the combination of the holidays’ quality and the protection of visitors’ health in Greece.

The article emphasizes the fact that bookings from Britain concerning Greece are increasing this year, as people plan their most anticipated vacation ever while using the Greek words “hospitality” and “passion” in order to explain the specificity of holidays in Greece.

“These 10 impressive islands and continental destinations offer a much more satisfying side of Greece”, the article said. “These are places where people proudly offer their hospitality, according to the ancient custom of loving foreigners, and where things are done with passion, love, and soul”.

These destinations, which according to the British newspaper are the kind of destinations that makes people fall in love with Greece, are mentioned in random order and with specific comments for each one of them:

Andros Island Greece
Andros Island Greece


The northernmost island of the Cyclades is more fertile and green than the rest of the complex and is loved by the Greeks for its cuisine, beaches, and beautiful villages. In addition, it has a well-maintained network of trails, which makes Andros a paradise for walking tourism.


The second-largest Greek island, with access and by land as well, is a diamond worthy of the variety it offers: Elsewhere it looks like a Switzerland hanging over the sea, and elsewhere like the Caribbean. It has too many things to do and it is almost never crowded.



Full of maritime history, this port on the Corinthian Sea near Delphi is often overlooked by visitors in Greece. Just three hours west of Athens, this exquisite neoclassical destination is wrapped around a bay and has the atmosphere of a Greek island. It was once one of the richest ports in its heyday in the 19th century and retains an air of grandeur.

Evia Island, Greece
Evia Island, Greece


With only 765 inhabitants, Folegandros has the feeling of an unexplored Santorini that offers island life without haste. The medieval town of Chora, its main settlement, stands high on a rock and the scenery there is impressive, while its cobbled streets are serene. It may take a seven-hour trip from Piraeus, but it is worth the wait.


This island in the southern Aegean is a quiet oasis after the eight-hour boat trip from Piraeus. It was considered the favorite island of the goddess Artemis, full of bushes and hills above its pebble coves, while it also has a colorful history.



The considered birthplace of Aphrodite is worthy of the ancient goddess. Waterfalls, gorges, medieval castles, beaches, it has it all. And because to get there is like a trip to the end of the Earth, if you go by road, not by air, it offers you a great sense of adventure.

Astypalea Island, Greece
Querini Castle on Astypalea island


The island is exactly the kind of idyllic Greek destination in which those who know the country well, dream of escaping. Its white cubist houses have a Santorini scent, its beaches are crystal clear and rugged, and the hospitality there is generous and authentic. Do not forget to collect some of the saffron of the island to take with you.


If you want a Greek island to give you something more, head to Syros. With a large permanent population, non-tourist shops, and lively cultural activity, it offers a charming taste of the local way of life, and with all the beautiful villages and seductive images that one expects from an island in Greece.



The mountainous peninsula that was considered the resort of the gods is located four hours away from Athens. Also known as the Centaur Mountain, it is a destination all year round, with a combination of activities for both the mountain and the sea. It has many villages, and then other villages, for all tastes, while it was also the setting for the first film Mamma Mia.

Mani, Greece
Mani, Greece


Located on the southern tip of the Peloponnese, Mani is a wild, rugged area often reminiscent of Tuscany. Medieval castles and villages full of towers adorn the dramatic landscape, with olive groves reaching to the edge of the horizon. “Mani today offers a sanctuary in an area where family quarrels and vendettas once prevailed.”

Source: The Guardian


And of course, for those seeking adventure, rich nightlife, and glamour, Mykonos is always there to welcome you!