Nemea Wine Routs

Discovering the wine routes of Nemea

The Mysterious Charm of the Peloponnese Vineyards

The vineyards of the Peloponnese are truly magical, surrounded by breathtaking scenery that feels like a divine gift. The wine-growing tradition in this region is rich with history and a sense of connection to the land. The grapes grown here seem to thrive in the perfect conditions created by the gods themselves, resulting in wines that are truly exceptional. The combination of the stunning landscape and the long-standing winemaking expertise creates an experience that is both enchanting and unforgettable.

The Historical Significance of Nemea

Nemea, known as the largest viticultural zone in Greece, is where the exquisite indigenous red variety Agiorgitiko thrives. In contrast, Mantineia stands out with the surprising and fresh Moschofilero, offering a unique and exotic flavor profile. Both regions showcase the diversity and richness of Greek wine production, highlighting the country’s unique terroir and grape varieties.

An Ancient Marvel Of Nemea Wines

One of Greece’s most celebrated grape varieties is found in its largest Protected Designation of Origin zone. This ensures the authenticity and quality of the wine produced in the region. The combination of the unique grape variety and the strict regulations in place make this area a hub for premium wine production in Greece.

The Architectural Style of the Nemea Vineyards

A Brief History Of The Grape Varieties

Nestled among olive groves and cypress trees, the hillside vineyards thrive, yielding Europe’s finest grape varieties like Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah.

The unique terroir imparts distinctive flavors to the grapes, resulting in high-quality wines that reflect the region’s rich agricultural heritage. The combination of ideal growing conditions and skilled winemaking techniques culminates in the production of exceptional wines that showcase the best of European viticulture.

Dionysus and the Valley of Nemea

Rich Terroir: The Valley of Nemea boasts a terroir ideally suited for vine cultivation, potentially prompting Dionysus to focus on this region for spreading the art of viniculture.
Ideal Climatic Conditions: The valley’s microclimate may have provided the perfect conditions for grape cultivation, making it a prime area for the growth and multiplication of vines.
Mythical Significance: Given the valley’s mythological importance as the site of the Nemean Games dedicated to Zeus, Dionysus may have chosen this location to symbolize the divine connection between wine, culture, and ritual.

Nemea Vineyard
Nemea Vineyard

Spreading the Love of Agiorgitiko Wine

The Location

Peloponnese Nemea is an extension of 2 prefectures of Peloponnese, Corinth and Argolida, and is a well-known wine-producing region. It is located 127 km from Athens and it contains the biggest vineyards of the Balkans. It is called the “Bordeaux of South Eastern Europe”, with 250 ha and over 30 large-scaled wineries.

Exploring the vineyards in the Peloponnese offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and indulge in the world of wine. Beyond the vineyards, the region boasts a rich history, with ancient sites like Mycenae and Epidaurus waiting to be discovered.

The stunning beaches of Nafplio and the charming villages of Mani add a touch of authentic Greek charm to your adventure. With a perfect blend of culture, history, and natural beauty, the Peloponnese promises a memorable and enriching travel experience.

Excitement Over Agiorgitiko Grape

Characteristics of Agiorgitiko Variety

  • Unique Aroma: The Agiorgitiko grape’s distinct aroma captivates wine enthusiasts worldwide, earning Nemea a well-deserved reputation among oenophiles.
  • International Recognition: Nemea’s Agiorgitiko grape has gained global fame, eliciting excitement and admiration from wine lovers around the world.
  • Purring with Excitement: Oenophiles can’t help but purr with delight at the mere mention of the aromatic Agiorgitiko grape, showcasing its allure and appeal.
  • Versatile Grape: Agiorgitiko is known for its versatility in winemaking. It can produce a wide range of wine styles, from light and fruity to rich and full-bodied.
  • Rich in Flavor: Wines made from Agiorgitiko grapes are characterized by their rich fruit flavors, often showcasing notes of cherry, plum, and raspberry.
  • Age-Worthy: Agiorgitiko wines have the potential to age well, developing more complex flavors over time. This makes them a popular choice for collectors and enthusiasts alike.
Nemea Winery
Nemea Winery

Vineyard tours and wine-tasting

Visiting wineries offers a unique experience with vineyard tours and wine-tasting

These tours often include exploring cellars and trying local products, making each winery visit special and memorable. Indulging in a bottle or two of spicy, full-bodied Agiorgitiko wine can transport you to the world of Oeneus, embracing the legacy of this ancient Greek winemaking tradition.

Savoring this wine at home allows you to immerse yourself in the rich flavors and aromas, becoming a messenger of its excellence to others. By sharing your experience with friends and family, you continue Oeneus’ work of spreading the joy and appreciation for Agiorgitiko wine, encouraging others to explore and cherish its unique qualities.

The starting point of one’s visit to Nemea should be the stunning Temple of Zeus, along with its surrounding archaeological sites. The opportunity to taste some of the PDO (Protected Destination of Origin) wines shouldn’t be missed and exploration around the most developed grape-producing area of Greece is certainly worthwhile. In Nemea we find the grape variety Agiorgitiko, which is so valuable and significant, that gives the best PDO wine of Nemea. 

Nemea Vineyards
Nemea Vineyards

Nemea in Tourism

Hercules Labors

Hercules’ first Labor was to defeat the Nemean lion, a fearsome creature that terrorized the region. This mythological tale showcases Hercules’ strength and bravery, setting the stage for his legendary feats throughout Greek mythology. The slaying of the Nemean lion was a significant accomplishment for Hercules, marking the beginning of his renowned heroic journey in Greek folklore.

The land of Agiorgitiko grape varietal

located in Nemea, Greece, offers ideal conditions for growing this renowned grape. The region’s warm, sunny climate and well-drained soils contribute to the grape’s rich flavor profile. Agiorgitiko wines are known for their deep red color, fruity aroma, and smooth tannins. The unique terroir of Nemea plays a significant role in producing high-quality wines that showcase the best characteristics of the Agiorgitiko grape.

The vast viticultural zone of Nemea, spanning 26,000,000 m2, is home to the ancient red Agiorgitiko grape variety. Cultivated for over 3,000 years, this varietal has transformed Nemea into a captivating wine tourism hotspot.

Well-known wine varieties produced in the area

Agiorgitiko rosé, Agiorgitiko dry red, NEMEA PDO (slightly aged), NEMEA PDO (aged), the grape varieties of ACHAIA PGO (Protected Geographical Origin), Patra – White dry, the grape varieties of ACHAIA PGI (Protected Gographical Indication), Muscat Patras, Muscat Rio Patras, Mavrodafni.

The local wineries organize wine tours, tasting of wine and local delicacies, as well as various events. Hitchhiking is very common for transportation among vineyards. Sport games, cooking lessons and seminars related to winemaking are only few of the activities in which one can participate. Nemea is also known for its developed gastronomical values.

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