The Towers Of Astraka

The grandiose “towers” of Astraka

The grandiose “towers” of Astraka stand tall, a remarkable creation of nature in Greece. With a diverse terrain of majestic mountains and stunning seas, this breathtaking landscape showcases a unique morphology. Aptly named, these natural marvels boast distinctive characteristics that make them one of a kind.

When you journey to the renowned village of Papingo in Zagorochoria, prepare to be in awe of the majestic Towers of Astraka. Equally breathtaking is the view from the village of Aristi, known as one of the most prominent Zagorochoria villages in the Epirus region. These magnificent formations, located in the Tymfi Mountains, are aptly named after the peak of Astraka. They are truly a sight to behold and are simply known as the Astraka Towers.

The awe-inspiring rocks of Little Papingo village cast a broad shadow and leave you mesmerized by their sheer magnificence. This village, nestled in the shadow of Astraka, earned its name, which means “roof,” due to the way the mountains tower over it like a protective shelter.

When it comes to conquering the majestic summit of Astraka, there are two thrilling routes to choose from. The first route starts from a lower point than the refuge and takes on the challenge of a steep incline. On the other hand, the second route begins right at the refuge and offers a gentler ascent. Whichever path you decide to take, one thing is for sure – the exhilaration of mountaineering will be etched in your memory for years to come.