Glorious Sparta and its Gigantic achievements 8-h tour


Glorious Sparta and its Gigantic achievements 8-h tour; With this private tour to Sparta and Mystras, you will have the chance to visit the place that has inspired generations, countries, and so many others through the centuries.

King Leonidas Pyrography By Tania Ziloudi
King Leonidas Pyrography By Tania Ziloudi

The discipline, thrift, courage, strength, honor, war, and strategic supremacy across the centuries are some of the Spartan superior skills that made them immortals for all times. King Menelaus, Leonidas, Agisilaos are only a small sample of all the above.

Itinerary of the full-day tour to Sparta, Mystras, and Corinth Canal

Athens – Corinth Canal– Tripolis – Sparta – Mystras – Athens

Highlights of Glorious Sparta and its Gigantic achievements 8-h tour

  • The birthplace of Leonidas and his 300 Spartans
  • The famous Corinth Canal
  • The importance of Mistras in the Byzantine empire
  • A trip through the picturesque Greek countryside
  • Experienced and skilled English speaking tour driver
  • An 8 hours magnificent tour through modern and ancient history and myths


Description of the full-day tour to Sparta, Mystras, and Corinth Canal

corinth canal
Corinth Canal

The private tour to Sparta, Mystras, and Corinth Canal starts after breakfast from your hotel in Athens.

After a short drive through the center of Athens, your personal tour driver will take the scenic coastal road of the Saronic Gulf, towards the Peloponnese peninsula.

After approx 50 minutes drive, you will reach the famous Corinth Canal, which connects the Ionian sea (West Greece) with the Aegean sea (East Greece).

Stop for spectacular pictures from the canal bridge, and continue towards Sparta and Mystras.


a city-state founded by the Dorian’s in 11C BC well known for its citizen soldiers, strict military training, and powerful army with excellent skills. The most famous battle of the many in their history is the battle of Thermopylae. In 480 BC, a huge Persian army was trying to invade Greece. Barring the way at the mountain pass of Thermopylae where 300 Spartan soldiers led by King Leonidas, along with a few hundred Arcadians and Thespians.

The Acropolis of Sparta
The Acropolis of Sparta

The Spartans were asked by the Persians to lay down their weapons. The answer was as simple as brave. “Come and get them”. No matter how big the enemy was, no matter how strong it was. No retried, no surrender. That was the spartan low. Finlay this fight lasted three days and made the 300 Spartans immortal for all times.

Do not miss to visit:

  • The Archaeological Museum of Sparta with its amazing artifacts and statues,- contains; Roman sculptures, small objects from sanctuaries at Sparta, mosaics, Laconian reliefs, inscribed Stella from the temple of Artemis Orthia, prehistoric collections.
  • The Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil witch is nicely set and it is very informative of the history of olive cultivation and the produce of olive oil since ancient times. Here you will find out about the many varieties of olives and all the relevant details, and see many works of art figures from over fifteen thousand years old fossilized leaves coming from Santorini.
Menelaion.The sanctuary and cult of Menelaus and Helen in Therapne, Sparta
Menelaion.The sanctuary and cult of Menelaus and Helen in Therapne, Sparta
  • The Acropolis of Sparta is situated on a hillside just outside the town center and consists of the ancient Roman Agora, Temple of Athena Chalkionos, the Theatre, the church of the Christ Savoir, the cyclical building, and the remains of many other elements. Visiting the remains of the Acropolis, you may still see traces of the Spartan glory.
  • The ancient theater of Sparta is an atmospheric site. Two walls were composed of limestone while the center and the stage were white marble. In the Byzantine era, much of the marble that formed the seats were removed to use for the building of Mistras. What is left today, is only the orchestra, the stage, and a few other excavations have been off it excavated.  Although there aren’t a lot of ruins left in place due to all past wars, it has a great atmosphere and you can imagine the theater built into the side of the hill. You get a real sense of space.
  • Temple of Artemis Orthia…

    ….at the entrance of the city. This is the place Spartan boys became men. maybe the ruins themselves are not anything fabulous but if you want to see authentic stuff, this is worth visiting. Visiting the temple of Artemis will tell you more than a thousand words.

The ancient theater of Sparta
The ancient theater of Sparta
  • The Menelaion is one of the world’s most astounding places, and you will be in a beautiful setting with the most glorious views. You look over the ancient Evrotas valley and Sparta and see the majestic peaks of the Taygetos mountains. There are two impressive monuments at this place, a bronze age palace, and a classical/Hellenistic shrine. Both are well preserved (not reachable today due to the extremely bad condition of the road).

The Tomb of Leonidas.

  • An emblem and an important monument of modern Sparta is the tomb of Leonidas. Also known as Leonidion. It is located north of Sparta’s modern city. Excavations of the previous century have brought in to light an impressive building measuring 12.5X8.30m. The building dates back to the 5th century BC and has been built of large porous stones. It was rebuilt in 1892 by Balthath, who had originally considered it a small temple. Although its use has not been ascertained to date, it has been identified in the popular consciousness with the Leonidas cenotaph. The Spartan general and travel writer Pausanias says that the bones of the legendary king Leonidas were transported and buried in Sparta from Thermopylae after the battle against the Persians.
  • Mystras only 7km from Sparta, Mystras was the capital of the Despotate of Morea and the second city of the Byzantine Empire for a long period of its history. A unique site for anyone into history and the relation art/history/religion/culture. The place is mystic with Byzantine ruins and you can walk inside the ancient castle. Explore the Byzantine Churches are still standing in good shape with magnificently preserved frescoes. The monastery is inhabited and the whole stroll is pleasant all the way to the top because you can really imagine the city.

Mystras in Sparta
Mystras in Sparta

At the end of visiting the sites, your private driver will drive you back to Athens arriving late in the afternoon.


Spartans were not famous for their luxurious life but for their thrift. Sparta was not famous for the fancy buildings and gold but for the superior skills, respect, and honor. There are people grumble ‘There’s not much to see in Sparta’, well, not if you’re only seeking Leonidas the hero of Thermopylae. With all the above and the Menelaion that has Mycenaen connections, and there’s more to it than the sanctuary of Menelaos and Helen (Helen of Troy). For example, excavations are uncovering a substantial Mycenae settlement.


Important notes

Tour Type

Included in the tour

  • Car and Driver
  • A professional English-speaking driver or escort with good knowledge of the history and culture of Greece, to guide you till you enter archaeological sites and museums. Tour drivers are not licensed to companion you inside the archaeological sites and museums. If you'd like to have a licensed state tour guide to escort you inside the sites and museums, we can arrange it for you at an additional cost. Licensed by the state tour guides are freelance and it is subject to availability on bookings day!
  • Transport by air-conditioned Mercedes-Benz vehicle or similar appropriate for the size of your group
  • Accommodation is based according to availability (for multiple-day tours only)
  • Pick-up from and return to your hotel
  • Pick-up from the Port of Piraeus
  • Private tour, Road tolls and local taxes
  • Our terminal: Leof. Andrea Siggrou 37, 117 43 Athina, Greece.

Excluded from the tour

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  • Dress: religious and marmoreal sites: shoulders and knee must be covered
  • Terms & Conditions and Frequent Questions
  • Confirmation will be received at the time of booking
  • A voucher will be emailed to you with our contact numbers and all necessary information for your tour.
  • This is your ticket and proof of purchase. On the day of the tour please present a paper voucher in order to redeem your tour/activity.

Persons with Disabilities

  • Due to uneven surfaces, certain sites are not recommended for persons with walking disabilities or using a wheelchair. Such sites are the Acropolis, the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, Mycenae, Delphi and Meteora
  • In all cases, we recommend comfortable flat-solid walking shoes, sunglasses, and sunscreen.


  • Please note that on this tour, your tour driver is not licensed to accompany you on your climb. If you want this service you may book a licensed by-state tour guide for an extra cost.
  • In case a group is followed by a licensed tour guide or an English speaking tour-escort the professional driver is not obliged to speak English!

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Free admission days

  • March 6: In memory of deceased Minister of Tourism & visionary Melina Mercouri
  • June 5: Environment international day
  • April 18 : International monuments day
  • May 18: International museums day
  • September 27: International tourism day
  • The last weekend of September annually (European Heritage Days)
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  • The first Sunday of every month, except for July, August, and September
  • NOTE: If the first Sunday is a holiday then the second is the free admission day

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