Four Night Iconic Aegean Cruise starting from Greece


A four night cruise in Greece and Turkey with the Celestyal Olympia cruise ship from Athens

From 499€

Embarkation: Athens, Piraeus
Cruise Ship: Celestyal Olympia


Athens (Piraeus) to Mykonos, Kusadasi, Patmos, Rhodes, Crete (Heraklion), Santorini & Athens (Piraeus)



Depart 11:30

Start: Port/City: Athens (Piraeus), Greece

Day 1: Port/City Mykonos, Greece

Arrive 18:00 – Depart 23:00

Mykonos chosen by the world famous celebrities. An island famous for its wild nightlife and its beaches, a cosmopolitan paradise with exquisite boutiques and fine dining that attracts celebrities, artists and socialites from all over the world.

Day 2: Port/City Kusadasi, Turkey

Arrive 07:00 – Depart 13:00

Kusadasi is a beach resort in Turkey famous for its marina and its colorful bazaar where visitors can find a wide selection of hand-made carpets, leather bags and local products. But mostly, Kusadasi is known due to its proximity to the ancient ruins of Ephesus, and its Terrace Houses one of the world’s largest open-air museums, the House of Virgin Mary and the Sirince Village.

Day 2: Port/City Patmos, Greece

Arrive 16:00 – Depart 21:00

Patmos is a beautiful verdant island, where Saint John the Evangelist wrote the book of Revelations in a mountainside Grotto, after hearing the voice of God. Atop its highest hill, within the halls of Hora stands the monastery founded in his honor in 1088. This island apart from its great significance to Christians all over the world, is now turning into a cosmopolitan destination.

Day 3: Port/City Rhodes , Greece

Arrive 07:00 – Depart 18:00

Rhodes will make you think you’ve stepped back in time. Don’t miss the Palace of the Grand Masters, in the old walled city of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the ancient Acropolis of Lindos, high above the sea and the Citadel of the Knights. Relax at Tsampika Beach or stroll the old city of Rhodes where you can enjoy your lunch and a traditional Greek coffee

Day 4: Port/City Crete (Heraklion), Greece

Arrive 07:00 – Depart 11:30

Heraklion, the capital of Crete, is a former Venetian harbor with representative architecture and art and an Archaeological museum with invaluable treasures. The city is just a short drive to the Minoan Palace of Knossos, home to Europe’s oldest civilization. If you are not into sightseeing, walk the city center where you can dine or shop.

Day 4: Port/City Santorini, Greece

Arrive 16:30 – Depart 21:30

Santorini is one of the most renowned places of the world. People travel thousands of miles in order to admire its unique geography, result of an earthquake that took place many centuries ago. Take a jeep safari into the interior, cruise to Santorini’s smaller islands and volcanoes, visit the Akrotiri excavations or drink coffee at Oia Village, 300 meters above the sea.

Port/City Athens (Piraeus), Greece

Arrive 07:00

Athens cradle of the western civilization; one of the world’s oldest and most vibrant cities, is dense with ancient monuments, museums, galleries, cafes and shops. Wander through Plaka to the Acropolis and the New Acropolis Museum or take a tour at the Temple of Poseidon, at Cape Sounion where you can admire the view of the Saronic Gulf.

(*) Indicates that disembarkation/embarkation to/from these islands, might be by means of tenders, weather permitting.


  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Vegeterian Meals included
  • Drink Package
    Unlimited non-alcoholic package & alcoholic package
  • Daily Activities (Yoga, dance, etc.)
    Check daily schedule on board
  • Excursion
    Ancient Ephesus through the ages – Hellinistic and Roman
  • Port & Service Charges
  • Gratuities Included

 Optional Private Tours

C/S Celestyal Olympia

Celestyal Olympia
Celestyal Olympia

Named for the ancient sanctuary that was the birthplace of the Olympic Games, and for the mother of Alexander the Great, there’s no better way to see our iconic Aegean destinations than on the Celestyal Olympia.

Want to discover the heart of cruising? Order a drink on the Hera deck, beside the Olympia’s sparkling pool, and watch the Aegean unfurl before her.

Two lounges, five bars, three delicious restaurants, our fully-equipped Olympian Gym, Sana Beauty Center and our Kids’ Club…the Celestyal Olympia is a gold medalist at every turn. Want an unforgettable holiday? We invite you and your family to travel the Aegean with her.

Capacity: 1664 passengers in total
Cabins: 724 cabins with en suite bathrooms, TV, radio and air conditioning
Facilities: a la carte restaurant, buffet, two lounges, five bars, casino, two pools, sauna, gym, medical clinic, spa and massage room, saunas, beauty salon, hair salon, video arcade, conference room, library, Travel Value & Experiential shop
Equipped: satellite telephone, full air conditioning throughout the ship


Staterooms on Hera






Staterooms on Apollo








Staterooms on Venus







Staterooms on Dionyssos







Staterooms on Poseidon







Staterooms on Hermes







Staterooms on Athena







Terms and Conditions


In consideration of receipt of the full contract price, Celestyal Cruises Ltd, of Greece (with its registered address at 8 Antoniou Ampatielou Street, 18536, Piraeus, Greece and with tax registration/VAT No 999232886, General Merchants Registry No 44918007000, Greek National Tourism Organization Reg. No 0207E61000083501) (the, “Company”) agrees to offer products and/or services on the following terms and conditions (“Terms”), which constitute an integral part of the Passenger’s contract with the Company in respect of the products and/or services offered for sale by the Company.

By making a booking the Passenger agrees on behalf of himself/herself and any third party adults and/or minors (under 18 years of age) indicated in the reservation and who form part of the Passenger’s booking to be legally bound by the Terms,


1.1 “Carrier” means the owners and/or charterers and/or managers of the vessel at issue;

1.2 “Company” means Celestyal Cruises Ltd, of Greece and includes its present and former parents, subsidiaries, affiliated and/or inter-related companies, underwriters and insurers, agents, employees, officers, directors, successors and assignees;

1.3 “Passenger” means the individual and/or entity booking or purchasing a cruise and/or services and/or products under this contract and includes any third party adults and/or minors (under 18 years of age) who form part of the Passenger’s booking, including heirs and representatives of all of the aforementioned.


The Terms are for the acquisition of products and/or services offered for sale by the Company via the internet on the Company’s website (“Website”). It is understood, acknowledged and agreed that the sale is concluded in Greece and thus, the contract arising from the Passenger’s on-line booking is between the Passenger and the Company and is subject to the Laws of Greece. By accessing and booking through the Website the Passenger consents and submits that the Courts of Piraeus, Greece will deal with any disputes which may arise between the Passenger and the Company, and that Greek law shall be the applicable law.


3.1 The Terms and the Carrier’s Conditions of Carriage are expressly incorporated into the contract between the Passenger and the Company. The Carrier’s Conditions of Carriage are available upon request or these can downloaded from conditions-of-carriage/index.html.  The Carrier’s Conditions of Carriage are printed in the Passenger Ticket.

3.2 The Carrier’s liability for death and/or personal injury and damage to/loss of luggage shall be governed by the Convention relating to the Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea, adopted at Athens on 13th day of December 1974 and the Protocol thereto adopted as of November 1976 (hereinafter referred to as the “Athens Convention”) or where applicable from 1st January 2013 EU Regulation 392/2009.  Liability for loss of or damage to property pursuant to the Athens Convention and EURegulation 392/2009 is limited.  

3.3 Acceptance of bookings will depend on the availability of places and is understood to be finalised, with the consequent conclusion of the contract, only when confirmation is sent out by the Company upon receipt of payment of the purchase price by the Passenger.

3.4 Promotional offers or those that otherwise provide particularly favorable conditions published on the Website are subject to limits of time and availability, according to criteria set by the Company at any time and at its absolute discretion.

3.5 In the case of a single reservation made for several parties listed in the reservation, the person making the booking guarantees that they have the necessary powers on behalf of the others and also guarantees the fulfillment of all contractual obligations, including by other parties indicated in the reservation.

3.6 The Company does not accept bookings from minors (person under the age of 18). Bookings for minors must be made by their legal guardians and/or parents and shall be accepted only if the minor travels with at least one of his/her parents or legal guardian or another adult person who undertakes all responsibility for the minor. When a booking includes minors or persons under a disability who are not travelling with their parent or legal guardian then carriage is subject to the Consent and Release Form as well as an Escorts Declaration Form that can be downloaded from being completed and signed at the time of booking and before boarding the vessel accepting responsibility for the minor(s). If the Passenger booking includes minors or persons under a disability who are not travelling with their parent or legal guardian the Passenger must download and complete the relevant forms and send them by email to [email protected]

3.7 The Company reserves the right to offer alternative or supplemental terms to these Terms for particular categories of contract (such as groups or incentive tours). The particular terms agreed in each individual case will apply to the contract concluded in addition to the Terms. 


4.1 Prices are per person and include any charges expressly stated on the Website and the online application form signed by the Passenger.

4.2 The cruise price means the amount paid for the cruise which includes the services and facilities set out in this Website and any further matters specifically agreed at the time of booking (including accommodation, meals, drinks not included, entertainment, port charges and service charges). The Cruise Price does not include incidental surcharges, such as increase of prices due to exchange rate fluctuations, additional port taxes and services, government taxes, VAT (“Surcharge”). The Company reserves the right to impose at any time any of these surcharges and no right of cancellation shall be implied. If the surcharge is higher than 10% of the total invoice amount the Passenger will be entitled to cancel the cruise with a full refund of all the money paid or transfer the cruise to a different date within the next 12 months at no amendment charge. The passenger must exercise this option 14 days from the date the imposition of the Surcharge is communicated to the Passenger.

4.3 The Shore excursions are optional and can be booked online or sold on board the vessel but they are charged separately and do not form part of this contract.

4.4 A single person supplement shall be payable, if following withdrawal or cancellation by other occupants, the Passenger is left as the sole occupant of a cabin, unless the second occupant has been charged with 100% cancellation fee.

4.5 Passenger requests a booking when the Passenger makes a reservation on the Website by completing the electronic booking form and pays 20% deposit of the total amount of the fare (the “Deposit”) by submitting the Passenger credit card details and authorizing payment from the Passenger credit card and clicking the box marked “ACCEPT”. By doing this the Passenger warrant that the Passenger have read and understood the information and conditions displayed on the Website and accept that the Passenger’s contract (including every person appearing on the booking) is governed by the Terms and the Carrier’s Conditions of Carriage. Passenger will be deemed to accept the booking on behalf of himself/herself and the persons whose names appear on the electronic booking form. The Contract is concluded once the Deposit is received and accepted by the Company. The Contract is evidenced by the invoice confirming the cruise booked. The Company will then provide Passenger with a booking reference number. The balance of the full fare is then payable to the Company not less than 30 days prior to sailing or if it is a late booking, full payment must be made as soon as possible after the booking is confirmed. Payment can be made through the Website using the booking reference number provided to the Passenger to access the booking and effect payment in the same way as payment of the Deposit was made or by sending the Passenger credit card details and authorizing payment from the Passenger credit card for the remaining amount via email to [email protected] (quoting always the Passenger booking reference number). No passenger will be allowed to embark the vessel unless the price for the cruise and any other services/product reserved at the time of booking have been paid in full in accordance with these Terms.

4.6 In the event that a cruise price listed and/or quoted and/or advertised through the Website or Company’s sale person or travel agent or any other source is booked and is incorrect due to a human error, typographical error or technical error, the Company reserves the right to correct the erroneous error and request by the Passenger to pay the correct amount or cancel upon the Passenger’s written instructions the booking and make full refund of the price already paid by the Passenger. Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable in any manner whatsoever, including without limitation to honor any such booking resulting from the error.

4.7 Passenger’s booking will be charged in the following currencies, according to Passenger’s country of origin:


All EU members (except UK)    Euro (EUR / €)

United Kingdom    British pound (GBP / £)

All other countries    US Dollar (USD / $)  

4.8 The Passenger shall be at all times liable for any price due under the booking, including without limitation in the event the travel agent utilized by the Passenger in order to book a cruise with the Company has failed to remit to the Company any monies paid by the Passenger for such booking. Further, any refund made by the Company to the agent of the Passenger shall be deemed payment to the Passenger, regardless whether the agent actually delivered the monies of the refund to the Passenger. 


5.1 All shore excursions are provided by independent contractors, namely local suppliers who will be subject to local laws, rules, regulations and standards which will form the basis upon which to assess the performance of such services. Where shore excursions are included in the booking, the package shall be regarded as having been performed if local laws and Regulations have been complied with. Such independent contractors do not at any time act as agent or representatives of the Company. It is hereby clarified that the Company does not own or control any such independent contractors, makes no representation of any kind as to their performance and/or their suitability and does not undertake to supervise their activities. It is understood and agreed that any person using such services or activities shall be entering into a contract with the independent contractor and shall be deemed to agree and consent that any liability for any death, personal injury, illness, emotional distress, mental suffering or psychological injury to the guest or loss of or damage to property shall be the sole responsibility of the provider of such service or activity. The Company shall not be or become liable or responsible in any way for any act or omission of any such provider pertaining to, or arising from or in connection with such services or activities.

5.2 It should be noted that both itineraries and timelines of the shore excursions published on the Website and in any material distributed by the Company (including brochures) are intended to be purely indicative and are subject to changes. The itineraries and timetables of the shore excursions are subject to changes due to either external factors, including without limitation weather conditions, and/or operational requirements of the service providers. The Company shall not be or become liable or responsible in any way for any alteration and/or cancellation in respect of the shore excursions.

5.3 As regards the specific nature of some excursions, not all of these will be accessible to disabled passengers. Consequently, prior to purchasing the product, the Company recommends that Passengers obtain information about the same through the Website or through our offices to find out whether the excursions they are interested in are accessible to disabled passengers.

5.4 Detailed terms and conditions applicable to the shore excursions are available upon request or these can be found at The shore excursions terms and conditions are expressly incorporated into the contract between the Passenger and the Company.


Altering one’s booking after confirmation is generally not permitted except in special circumstances and subject to the Company’s absolute discretion.  Such changes must be notified in writing immediately and a modification charge may be made.


If for any reason the Passenger wishes to cancel the cruise booked, the Passenger must notify the Company in writing by recorded delivery at the address set out above. Upon receipt of the Passenger’s instructions, the Company shall issue a cancellation invoice and return any money due to the Passenger.

The following charges will apply:

Cancellation fees for individual bookings:

>60 days: No Charge/Full refund

60-45 days: Loss of deposit amount

44-15 days: 50% of total cruise rate (port and service charges excluded)

14-8 days: 75% of total cruise rate (port and service charges excluded)

7 days or less: No refund except for port and service charges

The above charges are upon cruise fare. Port charges or other charges and/or products, including but not limited to shore excursions, drink packages etc., are fully refunded at any time of cancellation prior sailing.  


8.1 Cruises in the Website are planned several months in advance and despite efforts to keep to what it is advertised it is sometimes necessary to make changes. The Company reserves the right at any time to alter or cancel any element of the cruise if the Master or the Carrier considers that such alteration or termination is for any reason whatsoever necessary for the good management of the vessel or the Carrier, or for reasons of force majeure which shall include, without limitation, bad weather conditions, war or threat of war, riots, civil commotions, disasters, acts of God, actual or threatened terrorist activities, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, closure of ports, actual or threatened strikes or any industrial action, or any other event whatsoever outside the control of the Company. The Company shall not be liable for alteration or cancellation as a result of such events which are (i) attributable to a third party unconnected with the provision of the cruise or (ii) which are unforeseen or unavoidable or (iii) are due to unusual and unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Company, which could not have been avoided with due care or the Company could not have foreseen or forestalled.

8.2 Where the Company is constrained before the departure to alter significantly an essential term of the contract including the price or cancellation is made prior to sailing, the Company will notify the Passenger as soon as possible and give the Passenger the following options:

    (a) A full refund or any monies paid or  

    (b) An alternative cruise of the same or greater value at no extra cost or  

    (c) An alternative cruise of a lower value with a refund of the difference.   

On receipt of these options the Passenger must notify us as soon as possible of the Passenger’s choice. An alternative cruise must be taken at any time within 12 months of the cancelled cruise.

8.3 If after sailing a significant element of the cruise cannot be provided, the Company will make suitable arrangements for the continuation of the cruise and compensate the Passenger for any difference in price. If it is not possible to provide a suitable alternative or the Passenger reject any alternatives, provided the Passenger’s rejection is reasonable, the Company will provide the Passenger with equivalent transport back to the place where the cruise commenced or another place which the Passenger agree to and where appropriate, offer the Passenger compensation.

8.4 The following are examples of significant alterations: an increase in the price of more than 10% and any alteration of elements that are fundamental to the enjoyment of the holiday when considered as a whole. In relation to this clause the following are not considered as significant alterations: (i) change of airline carriers, flight timetables and itineraries, provided the departure and arrival dates remain unchanged and the Passenger may embark and disembark the vessel as scheduled; (i) the substitution of the vessel; (iii) the modification of the itinerary of the cruise; (iv) a change of cabin or a change in hotel accommodation, providing that the cabin and/or hotel are in the same or higher category; (vi) changes to the programme of shows and other forms of entertainment on board the vessel.

8.5 If it is necessary for technical, operative or other good reason, the cruise operator and/or the Company may substitute the vessel with another vessel with similar characteristics. The exercise of this right is not a significant alteration as referred to in this clause.

8.6 The Carrier, and, on behalf of the same, the Captain of the vessel, may also modify the itinerary of the cruise for reasons of force majeure, or for reasons of the safety of the vessel or of navigation. The exercise of this right is not a significant alteration as referred to in this clause.

8.7 This list is not exhaustive and does not preclude the Company from treating other events as not being significant alterations.

8.8 The Company is not liable and no compensation is payable where the cruise is cancelled because the number of persons who agree to take it is less than the minimum number required. In those circumstances the Passenger will be informed in writing at least 14 days prior to the commencement of the cruise.


The Passenger must ensure that the Passenger have appropriate travel insurance for the entire duration of the Passenger’s holiday to cover the Passenger for cancellation, illness, death or personal injury, medical treatment, damage to and/or loss of luggage, repatriation etc.


10.1 The Company accepts responsibility for providing all the elements of the advertised cruise but if they fail to provide what has been booked the Company is not liable if the reason is due to: (a) The Passenger’s fault or the fault of anyone named on the booking; (b) the fault of a third party unconnected with this contract; (c) any unusual or unforeseeable circumstance beyond the Company’s control which they could not have avoided even if they exercised all possible care; (d) an event which the Company or any supplier of services, even with all possible care, could not have foreseen or prevented (e) any event defined as a Force Majeure event.

10.2 The Company’s liability is limited to and shall not under any circumstances exceed that of the Carrier under its Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

10.3 The limits of liability and the time for bringing claims pursuant to the Athens Convention are expressly incorporated into these Booking Conditions for the purpose of limiting the amount of Compensation payable by the Company.

10.4 The Athens Convention is an international Convention which governs the carriage of passengers and their luggage by sea as between a Carrier and the passenger. Under the Athens Convention liability for personal injury/death is limited. The Company’s liability is limited to 46,666 SDR’s (Special Drawing Rights) under the Athens Convention where applicable from 1 January, 2013 and/or to 400,000 SDR’s per passenger per incident based on the EU Regulation 392/2009 where applicable. The Company’s liability for loss of or damage to luggage is also limited and the Athens Convention and/or EU Regulation 392/2009 is limited to the amounts specified therein which makes special provision for valuables and specifies the time limits in which to bring a claim. The Athens Convention presumes that luggage has been delivered undamaged to the passenger unless written notice is given: (a) in the case of apparent damage, before or at the time of disembarkation or redelivery; (b) in the case of damage which is not apparent or of loss, within 15 days from the date of disembarkation or re-delivery or from the time when such re-delivery should have taken place. The Passenger are precluded from making a double recovery against the Company for any death or personal injury, loss or damage to luggage sustained during the cruise for which a claim has already been brought against another party, including, without limitation, the Carrier.

10.5 In so far as the Company or the Carrier may be liable to a Passenger in respect of claims arising out of carriage by sea, the Company and or the Carrier shall be entitled to all the rights, defence, immunities and limitations available, respectively, to the actual carrier and under the relevant Conventions, and nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed as a surrender thereof. To the extent that any provision in this Agreement is made null and void by the Athens Convention or any legislation compulsorily applicable or is otherwise unenforceable, it shall be void to that extent but not further.

10.6 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary elsewhere in this Agreement, the Company shall not in any circumstances be liable to Passengers or anyone in their party for any loss or anticipated loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of use, loss of contract or other opportunity nor for any other consequential or indirect loss or damage of a similar nature. For claims not involving personal injury, death or illness or which are not subject to the Conventions referred to above, any liability the Company may incur for the negligent acts and/or omissions of its suppliers shall be limited to a maximum of the price which the Passenger paid for the Contract not including insurance premiums and administration charges. Where this relates to loss of and/or damage to luggage and/or other personal possessions then the Company’s liability will not exceed 600 Euro. The Company will not at any time be liable for any loss of or damage to valuables of any nature. The use of safes on board is not a deposit with the vessel under the Convention or the Regulation.

11. Health

11.1 The Passenger warrants that he/she and all travelling on the booking are fit to travel. Any Passenger with any medical condition that may affect fitness to travel must submit a physician’s certificate prior to booking.

11.2 The Company, the local Port Authorities and/or the Carrier shall be entitled to administer a Public Health Questionnaire on their own behalf at any time. The Passenger shall supply accurate information regarding any symptoms of illness including but not limited to gastrointestinal illness. In relation to travel by sea and/or by air, the Carrier may deny boarding to any Passenger that it considers in its sole discretion to have symptoms of any viral or bacterial illness including but not limited to Norovirus. Refusal by a Passenger to complete the relevant questionnaire may result in denied boarding.

11.3 Carriers may refuse travel to any Passenger that they consider is unfit for travel, or likely to endanger health or safety or likely to be refused permission to land at any port or render the Carrier liable for maintenance of Port or repatriation. These matters are set out more fully in the Carrier’s Conditions of Carriage.

11.4 Carriers by sea may require the Passenger to remain in his or her cabin for reasons of health and safety.

11.5 Since the cruise vessels on which holidays are offered are not equipped for assistance during pregnancy or childbirth, bookings cannot be accepted from Passengers who, at the scheduled date of departure, have entered the 24th week of pregnancy unless a medical certificate of fitness to travel is provided. The Passenger’s attention is drawn to the section headed “Medical treatment” below and to the Terms and Conditions of Carriage of the Carrier. The Company is not liable and takes no responsibility if the vessel and or the doctor are unable to provide necessary treatment. The doctor on board is not qualified to deliver babies or give pre or post natal treatment.


12.1 ‘Disabled Person’ or ‘Person with Reduced Mobility’; means any person whose mobility when using transport is reduced as a result of any physical disability (sensory or locomotor, permanent or temporary), intellectual or psychosocial disability or impairment, or any other cause of disability or impairment or as a result of age, and whose situation needs appropriate attention and adaptation to his/her particular needs for the services made available to all passengers. The Passenger are asked to provide full details at the time of booking if the Passenger or any passenger travelling in the Passenger’s booking is unwell, infirm, Disabled or has Reduced Mobility, if the Passenger/or any person travelling in the Passenger’s booking have any special seating requirements and/or if the Passenger or any person travelling in the Passenger booking need to bring any medical equipment on board. It is the Passenger’s responsibility to notify the Company prior to booking if the Passenger or any person in the Passenger’s booking need to have medical equipment on board so that the Company can ensure that the medical equipment can be carried and/or carried safely. The Passenger are asked to provide full details at the time of booking if the Passenger/or any person travelling in the Passenger’s booking needs to bring a recognized assistance dog on board the vessel. Please note that assistance dogs are subject to national regulations. Where the Company considers for the safety and comfort of the Passenger or any person travelling in the Passenger’s booking that it is strictly necessary, it may require a Disabled Person or Persons with Reduced Mobility to be accompanied by another person (if the Passenger are not their self able to provide the assistance required by the Disabled Person or Person with Reduced Mobility) who is capable of providing the assistance required by the Disabled Person or Person with Reduced Mobility. This requirement will be based entirely on the Company assessing the Passenger or any person travelling in the Passenger’s booking on the grounds of safety and may vary from vessel to vessel and/or itinerary to itinerary. If The Passenger or any person travelling in the Passenger’s booking have any particular conditions, Disability or Reduced Mobility which require personal care or supervision then such personal care or supervision must be organized by the Passenger and at the Passenger’s expense. The vessel is unable to provide respite services, one-to- one personal care or supervision or any other form of care for physical or psychiatric or other conditions. If after careful assessing the Passenger or any person travelling in the Passenger’s booking their specific needs and requirements, the Company concludes that the Passenger or that person cannot be carried safely and in accordance with applicable safety requirements then the Company can refuse to accept a booking or embarkation of a Disabled Person or Person with Reduced Mobility on the grounds of safety. The Company reserves the right to refuse to carry the Passenger or any person travelling who has failed to adequately notify the Company of any Disabilities or needs for assistance in order for the Company to make an informed assessment that the Passenger can be carried in a safe or operationally feasible manner on the grounds of safety. If the Passenger or the person travelling in the Passenger’s booking do not agree with a decision of the Company then the Passenger/they must provide a complaint in writing with all supporting evidence to the Company and the matter will be considered by a Senior Manager. The Company reserves the right to refuse to carry the Passenger or any person travelling in the Passenger’s booking who in the opinion of the Company and/or the Carrier is unfit for travel or whose condition may constitute a danger to themselves or others on the Cruise on the grounds of safety. For the Passenger’s safety and comfort , if the Passenger or any person in the Passenger’s booking become aware between the date of booking the Package and the date of commencement of the Package that the Passenger or they will require special care or assistance as detailed above then the Passenger/they are asked to inform the Company immediately so that Company can make an informed assessment whether or not the Passenger or any person travelling in the Passenger’s booking requiring such special care or assistance can be carried in a safe or operationally feasible manner.

12.2 The vessels may have a limited number of cabins suitable for mobility reduced persons or disabled persons. Not all areas of the vessels are accessible to disabled persons and/or specifically equipped to offer disabled access. Therefore, all bookings for disabled persons are subject to the availability of suitable accommodation and, if appropriate, subject to the presence of an attendant/companion who is able to assist the disabled person. Those Passengers confined to wheelchairs must furnish their own standard size wheelchair. The Company accepts no obligation to arrange alternative activities on board or on land for disabled Passengers, or any responsibility for the partial or total inability of any disabled Passenger to take advantage of advertised services or activities during the Holiday.

12.3 The Company will do its best to meet passengers’ special needs or requirements, medical, dietary or otherwise but such requests do not form part of the contract and therefore the Company cannot be liable for not providing these. 


13.1 The Passenger must ensure that the Passenger have a fully comprehensive travel health insurance policy covering medical treatment and repatriation. Passengers with medical history or problems are advised to seek advice from their doctor before travelling.

13.2 Whilst medical facilities are provided on board cruise vessels, the Passenger must take into account that the ship’s doctor is not a specialist and the ship’s medical centre is not required to and is not equipped to the same standards as a land based hospital but to provide general medical care. Vessels carry medical supplies and equipment in accordance with flag state requirements. Thus, neither the Company nor the Carrier or the doctor shall be liable to the Passenger as a result of any inability to treat any medical condition on board. The Passenger acknowledges that whilst there is a qualified doctor onboard it is the Passenger’s obligation or responsibility to seek medical assistance if necessary during the cruise.

13.3 Before departure, Passengers should seek appropriate advice regarding vaccines or other medicines, or precautions required for the countries they are going to visit. The Passengers must have with them all relevant vaccine certificates.

13.4 In the event of illness or accident Passengers may have to be landed ashore by the Carrier and/or Master for medical treatment. Neither the Company nor the Carrier makes any representations regarding the quality of medical treatment at any port of call or at the place at which the passenger is landed. The Company and the Carrier do not accept any responsibility whatsoever in relation to medical facilities provided ashore.

13.5 Medical facilities and standards vary from port to port. The Company and the Carrier make no representations or warranties in relation to the standard of medical treatment ashore.


14.1 Passengers’ behaviour must not compromise the safety, peace and enjoyment of the cruise by the other Passengers. Passengers must act prudently and follow all instructions issued by the Company and/or Carrier and comply with any administrative or statutory regulations that apply during their holiday.

14.2 Passengers must not bring live animals, firearms and ammunition, explosives, or inflammable, toxic or dangerous substances on board any vessel.

14.3 Passengers shall be liable for any damage suffered by the Company and/or Carrier and/or any supplier of any service that forms part of the Holiday as a result of the Passenger’s failure to comply with this clause. In particular, the Passenger shall be liable for all damage caused to the vessel or to its furnishings and equipment, for injury or loss to other Passengers and third parties, and also for all penalties, fines and expenses attributable to the Passenger that the Company, the Carrier or supplier may be liable to pay to the port, customs, health or other authorities of any country whatsoever.

14.4 The Passenger must provide the Company with all documents and information in his/her possession that may be needed by the Company to exercise a right of subrogation for the Passenger towards third parties that may be liable for any loss suffered by the Passenger. The Passenger is liable to the Company for any prejudice to the right of subrogation caused by failure to comply fully with this clause.

14.5 Passengers must provide the Company with all information it requests to allow it or any suppliers of services that make up the holiday to fulfill their obligations relating to security.


15.1 Proper and valid and in full force travel documentation and eligibility to travel is required at the time of embarkation and throughout the cruise. It is the Passenger’s sole responsibility to ensure his/her eligibility to travel and that he/she has all the necessary and valid travel documents to be able to travel and conclude the cruise booked. If the Passenger fails to obtain all necessary and valid documents, embarkation onboard the vessel shall not be permitted and full cancellation fees shall be charged and you will not be entitled to any refund of the cruise rate whatsoever. Passengers are advised to check with their travel agent or the appropriate governmental authority in the Passenger’s country, in order to obtain the required valid documents. Passengers should fully inform the said authorities in detail in respect of the countries that the Passenger shall visit, a visa may be required and/or the Passenger may need to comply with certain health formalities.

15.2 Under no circumstances shall the Company be responsible in any manner whatsoever, including for any costs, damages etc. suffered by the Passenger as a result of denial of boarding or even denial of disembarkation by the relevant authorities due to Passenger’s failure to comply with the requirements under this clause. If the Company and/ or the Carrier has to pay a fine in this connection the Passenger will be required to reimburse them.


Any complaints must be made in writing to the Company and sent to Celestyal Cruises Ltd, 8 Antoniou Ampatielou Street, 18536, Piraeus Greece.


17.1 Any action, suit or proceedings against the Company or its employees (excluding any action under the Athens Convention which may be brought in any of the courts specified in Article 17 of the Athens Convention) shall, unless the Company expressly agrees otherwise in writing, be brought in the Courts of Piraeus, Greece.

17.2 Other than in respect of death and personal injury, every claim must be notified to the Company in writing within 6 months from the date on which the claim arose, and any action (not subject to the Athens Convention) must be commenced within one year from that date, failing which the Company shall be under no liability to the Passenger whatsoever.


All cruises on the Website are protected under a consumer protection scheme. In the unlikely event of the Company’s insolvency, appropriate measures shall be taken to refund any money the Passenger has paid to the Company.   


19.1 Information provided to us in connection with the Passenger cruise booking will be held by the Company, in accordance with the Data Protection Law 2472/1997 and any amendment thereto, which shall be used for reservations, bookings, ticket issue, and compilation of passenger’s lists, travel insurance purposes and marketing. The Passenger may obtain a copy of the personal information held about the Passenger by contacting Celestyal Cruises Ltd in writing at 8 Antoniou Ampatielou Street, 18536, Piraeus, Greece.

19.2 The Company considers the issue of data protection very seriously. In order to comply with its obligations under Data Protection legislation, the Passenger is required to read and agree to the privacy policy before providing the Company with any information about himself/herself. Failure to do so is a breach of the Terms.

19.3 It is the Passenger’s responsibility to make sure that information which the Company holds in respect of the Passenger is up to date and accurate. Failure to do so will be a breach of the Terms.


  • Dress Code in the dining rooms: As most of the passengers like to dress up for dinner it is advisable for ladies to wear a dress or long slacks and long trousers with shirt or jacket for men. Please refrain from wearing shorts.
  • Optional excursions, expenditures of a personal nature, snacks, drinks, medical expenses, port charges and other services are not included in the price of the cruise.
  • Gratuities are charged directly on the Passenger’s account. They are distributed equally among the crew and concern the services provided by the Passenger’s cabin stewards, dining room staff and maitre d’hotel staff. We therefore recommend that the Passenger do not offer any gratuities to individuals.
  • For the comfort of all our guests, pipes and /or cigars are not to be smoked in cabins, waste convenience areas and public areas on board the ship, except on open decks. Cigarette smoking is allowed only in designated areas in our public rooms. The dining rooms have been declared as non-smoking areas.
  • The currency on board is the Euro. Foreign exchange facilities are available at the Purser’s office.
  • Any complaints and/or claims must be reported to the reception on board and the relevant form must be filled in and signed by the passengers before disembarkation.
  • Transportation of passengers, luggage and effects is subject to all the terms and conditions of the Contract of Carriage (i.e. Passenger Ticket) issued by the Carrier and available for inspection together with the text of the Athens Convention at the Company’s offices at: Celestyal Cruises Ltd, 8 Antoniou Ampatielou Street, 18536, Piraeus, Greece, tel. + 30 210 4583499. The passenger by accepting and/or using and/or travelling under the terms and conditions of the Contract of Carriage accepts all conditions set out there in whether or not the Passenger Ticket has been delivered to him or her or to a third party. 

All persons booking a Cruise with the Company should be aware of the applicability of the Passenger’s Bill of Rights, which are available on the Website.   

21. USE OF THE WEBSITE- Please refer to the “Terms of Use”

22. Privacy Policy- Please refer to the “Privacy Policy”

23. If at any time any one or more provisions hereof is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under the law of any jurisdiction such provision shall, as to such jurisdiction, be ineffective to the extent necessary without affecting or impairing the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions hereof in that or any other jurisdiction and of such provision in any other jurisdiction.


The Members of the Cruise Lines International Association are dedicated to the comfort and care of all passengers on oceangoing cruises throughout the world. To fulfill this commitment, our Members have agreed to adopt the following set of passenger rights:

24.1 The right to disembark a docked ship if essential provisions such as food, water, restroom facilities and access to medical care cannot adequately be provided onboard, subject only to the Master’s concern for passenger safety and security and customs and immigration requirements of the port.

24.2 The right to a full refund for a trip that is canceled due to mechanical failures, or a partial refund for voyages that are terminated early due to those failures.

24.3 The right to have available on board ships operating beyond rivers or coastal waters full- time, professional emergency medical attention, as needed until shore side medical care becomes available.

24.4 The right to timely information updates as to any adjustments in the itinerary of the ship in the event of a mechanical failure or emergency, as well as timely updates of the status of efforts to address mechanical failures.

24.5 The right to a ship crew that is properly trained in emergency and evacuation procedures.

24.6 The right to an emergency power source in the case of a main generator failure.

24.7 The right to transportation to the ship’s scheduled port of disembarkation or the passenger’s home city in the event a cruise is terminated early due to mechanical failures. *

24.8The right to lodging if disembarkation and an overnight stay in an unscheduled port are required when a cruise is terminated early due to mechanical failures.

24.9 The right to have included on each cruise line’s website a toll-free phone line that can be used for questions or information concerning any aspect of shipboard operations. **

24.10 The right to have this Cruise Industry Passenger Bill of Rights published on each line’s website.

* At Carrier’s discretion

** Where available and feasible for all countries in a region with access to the website.

***Source: Celestyal Cruises

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