Piraeus WiFi & Internet Access

Piraeus port

atg2300Connect to the Internet wireless, fast and FREE from all the main port of Piraeus

How do I sign?

To login you must be within the Passenger Port of Piraeus and gain access via a Laptop, PDA or other device capable of WLAN (WiFi 802.11) and the Web Browser set your device to surf the web (Internet).


Make sure that your equipment has the appropriate wireless card. If necessary, check the settings according to the following:

Instructions for Windows

1. Set up a connection to Piraeus Port WI-FI Apo the Start / Control Panel / Network Connections / right click on “wireless network connection” and choose “View available wireless networks”. Select the SSID of the network Piraeus Port WI-FI to connect to Piraeus Port WI-FI Hotspot. Make sure the security is not active.

2. Configuring the Microsoft Internet Browser Explorer Apo select Tools / Internet Options / Connections, the “LAN Settings” window, open the “Local Area Network (LAN) Settings”. They should be selected below: – “Use a proxy server for your LAN” – “Use automatic configuration script” – “Automatically detect settings”

Source “Piraeus Port Authority”

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