Shared 8-Hours Bus Tour To Legendary Delphi Of Greece

Shared 8-Hours Bus Tour To Legendary Delphi Of Greece


The full-day tour to Delphi with a shared bus is an excellent chance to visit the ancient navel of the Earth, the most important cult center of the ancient world. During our drive to Delphi, you will also have the chance to admire the beautiful landscape of Central Greece and visit smaller towns and villages, you would otherwise miss.

Itinerary of the full-day bus tour from Athens to Delphi

Athens, Thebes, Levadia, Arachova, Delphi, Athens

Highlights of  Shared 8-Hours Bus Tour To Legendary Delphi Of Greece

  • Travel through the lush countryside of Greece in a luxurious bus
  • Drive-by historical cities such as Thebes and Levadia
  • Tour Delphi, a mystical place of cult and mystery with a tour guide and with an entrance fee included in the price
  • Buy traditional Greek products and souvenirs at Arachova


Description of the shared bus tour to Delphi

You will travel through the fertile plain of Beotia, crossing important towns of ancient and modern Greece such as Thebes, known as a military city-state of the past, or through the tragic plays of King Oedipus and Antigone.

We will also cross Levadia and Arachova before we will arrive at Delphi, the sanctuary of God Apollo and the occult center of the Ancient World, or the Navel of the Earth, as it was known in ancient times.

Apollo Temple in Delphi
Apollo Temple in Delphi

During your visit and sightseeing tour in Delphi, you will visit the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, containing significant masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture, such as the famous bronze Charioteer, the statue of athlete Aghias, the Naxian Sphynx, and the twin Brothers.

Feel the mystic aura of the area in the Temple of Apollo, where Oracle Pythia was giving out her predictions of the future to the people flocking to Delphi from every part of the – then – known world.

Experience and see the Castalia spring with the two monumental fountains receiving water from the spring for the last 3000 years, and share the secret of eternal youth hidden in the freshness of its waters.



The village of Arachova
The village of Arachova

After lunch, we will visit the traditional Greek village of Arachova, known for its famous handmade carpets and quilts.

Arachova is one of the most picturesque mountain villages in Greece; set at the feet of Mt Parnassus it is the center of attention in the winter months, due to the ski center. It is also known due to the local products, cheese, pasta, and wood products, which you can buy and bring home with you.

After a short stop here, we will continue the tour passing through the towns of Levadia and Thebes, arriving in Athens in the afternoon.

N.B. Clients staying at the coast will depart for their hotels from our terminal around 19.30 hrs.

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Daily Service from April to October
November to March every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

  • Dep. 08.45 – Ret. 19.00


2024 April to October

  • Without lunch 96,00 € per adult, 63,00€ per child.
  • Including lunch 110,00 € per adult, 70,00€ per child.

November 2023 to March 2024

  • Without lunch 90,00 € per adult, 58,00€ per child.
  • Including lunch 104,00 € per adult, 65,00€ per child.
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