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Picturesque 5-d motor coach tour to mythical Northern Greece


This motor-coach tour offers an ideal opportunity to explore Northern Greece (Macedonia), the Land of Alexander the Great, enjoy a unique journey throughout the 7.000 years of Greek History, and get to know parts of the countryside you will always remember.

Itinerary of the 5 days bus tour

Athens, Thebes, Levadia, Arachova, Delphi, Kalambaka, Meteora, Tempi Valley, Dion, Thessaloniki, Veria, Naoussa, Edessa, Vergina, Thessaly, Lamia, Trikala, Thermopylae, Athens

Highlights of the Picturesque 5-d motor coach tour to mythical Northern Greece

  • Visit places of exquisite natural beauty in Central and Northern Greece
  • Visit sites of historical significance for the Greek and Western civilization
  • Enjoy a relaxing and safe bus tour with a professional Greek driver
  • Includes entrance fee, professional tour guide, hotel, breakfast, dinner


Description of the shared coach tour

Day 1. Athens, Delphi, Kalambaka

delphi in greece athens tours greece
Delphi, Greece

Start from Athens in the morning traveling through the fertile plain of Beotia region, passing by the towns of Thebes, Levadia and via the picturesque village of Arachova, one of the most beautiful mountainous villages in Greece.

Arrive in Delphi and visit the Archaeological Site, and of course the Museum of Delphi that houses some of the most important artifacts and findings from excavations.

After the tour in Delphi, we will depart for Kalambaka, a small town situated at the foot of the astonishing complex of Meteora with the gigantic rocks. Overnight and dinner in Kalambaka.


Day 2. Meteora Monasteries, Dion, Thessaloniki

meteora with kalambaka in the background
Meteora Monasteries

On the second day of our tour, you will have the chance to visit Meteora monasteries.

They stand among striking scenery, in the middle of the Thessaly plain, and form huge rock formations that host the impressive Byzantine monasteries that are open to the public although not all of them every day.

The ageless monasteries, have provided not only a safe refuge to monks and nuns since the 11th century but also to exquisite relics and specimens of Byzantine art that you can see during your tour.
NOTE. Please note that for the visit to the monasteries, ladies need a skirt and the gentlemen’s long trousers.

Archaeological site of Dion
The archaeological site of Dion


After the tour to Meteora, we will leave  Kalambaka, drive through the plain of Thessaly with a direction towards Dion. We will visit the Archaeological Park of Dion, with its marvelous ancient theater that is still in use during the summer months.

Dion stands at the feet of Mt Olympus, the house of the Gods, and offers incredible views of the mountain and the valley of Tempi.

After Dion, we will depart for Thessaloniki, the so-called most erotic city in Greece, and second-largest in the country, where we will have dinner and spend the night.

Day 3. Veria, Naoussa, Edessa, Pella, Thessaloniki

Edessa Greece3 athens tours greece
Waterfalls in Edessa, Greece

In the morning we will depart for a few historical towns of Macedonia in Northern Greece. We will visit Veria (referred to as Beroea in the Bible) an important city of northern Greece, which used to be a flourishing city during the Byzantine Era. Due to the numerous remains from this period, it is also known as the Little Jerusalem. Veria is also known as one of the major stops of St Paul; you will have the chance to visit Paul’s Bema, and stroll around the beautiful quarters of the city.

Our next stop is Naoussa, another lovely city in Macedonia. You will get to visit the  School of Aristotle and step on the ground that hosted one of the most influential philosophers of the centuries. Aristotle, taught important men of antiquity here, among who was Alexander the Great. Just a few kilometers away you will see Edessa, a town with a gorgeous natural phenomenon: the largest waterfalls in Greece.

Pella, the capital of Alexander’s Empire is our next stop. You will visit the monumental palace of the Kings that cover an area of more than 50.000m2, and the new Museum that houses a great part of the Macedonian findings and relics. Keep in mind that the agora of Pella is the largest agora of ancient times. Return to Thessaloniki for dinner and overnight.

Day 4. Thessaloniki

thessaloniki seafront

The fourth day of our tour finds us in Thessaloniki, which since the  Byzantine Empire has been the “co-reigning” city after Constantinople (Istanbul).
Thessaloniki is a vibrant and very lively city; you will see that all its people are out, enjoying the beauties of their city. You will visit the museums of the city and its highlights, among which the White Tower.

The afternoon and evening are at your leisure, to enjoy the day to its fullest.

Dinner and overnight in Thessaloniki.

Day 5. Vergina, Thermopylae, Athens

treasure of vergina
The treasure of Vergina

The last day of the tour brings you to Vergina, a place that houses one of the most important archaeological findings of the 20th century, the so-called Treasures of Vergina, belonging to King Phillip’s and Alexander’s dynasty.

You will visit the museum and the royal tombs, and see in person the thrilling findings from the Tomb of Phillip.

After this exciting visit, you will head back towards Athens, passing by towns of Thessaly, Lamia, and Thermopylae, the place where the 300 men of King Leonidas faced the millions of Persian invaders, proving their famous bravery.

We will arrive in Athens late in the afternoon.

N.B. Please ladies for the visit of the Monastery you need a skirt and the gentlemen long trousers. Clients staying at the coast will depart for their hotels, from our terminal around 19.30 hrs.



Price April to October 2024:

  • Half board 835,00 € per adult
  • Child Price: 645,00 €
  • Supplement for Single 215,00 €

Schedule 2024

  • Operation dates: 11/5 – 25/5 – 15/6 – 29/6 – 13/7 – 14/9 – 21/9 & 28/9

The above rates do not include the New “City TAX” for overnights in hotels. The accommodation Tax will be payable by the guests prior to their check-out as following: 5* hotel: 4,00 € per overnight per room, 4* hotel: 3,00 € per overnight per room, 3* hotel: 1,50 € per overnight per room.

Departure time: 08.45 a.m.

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