Sensational Wine And Olive Oil Tasting 8-Hour Tour


Experience the ultimate in expertise and quality when you choose our Wine And Olive Oil Tasting. Immerse yourself in this remarkable 8 Hour Tour, a fusion of our renowned “The Olive Oil Tasting Experience” and “A Brilliant day tour to Corinth Canal and Nemea wineries.” Our handpicked experiences, curated by Athens Tours Greece, will captivate even the most discerning travelers, taking you off the beaten path to discover new sources of inspiration in the local surroundings.

Sensational Wine And Olive Oil Tasting 8 Hour Tour
Sensational Wine And Olive Oil Tasting 8 Hour Tour

Olive oil has long been hailed as a shining star in Greek cuisine, with a rich history dating back to ancient times. In recent years, it has captured the attention of many, becoming a top experiential draw for visitors to Greece. This beloved oil embodies a way of life that seamlessly blends culture, nature, and gastronomy. Fun fact: Greece boasts the largest number of top-quality acres of olive groves in the world. For those seeking to fully immerse themselves in the culture of this liquid gold, oleo tourism is the perfect avenue. And for an unforgettable experience, don’t miss out on the Olive Oil Tasting Experience, where you can virtually explore the olive harvest and indulge in high-level tasting events. It’s a delicious invitation you won’t want to miss!

Discover the one-of-a-kind Wine Tasting in Nemea, and revel in the beautiful surroundings. The excursion to Corinth Canal and Nemea is a perfect choice for those with limited time, yet a desire to discover Greece’s wine routes and savor delicious wine in just a few hours. Gain insight into winemaking from the winemaker, embark on educational Vineyard tours, indulge in wine tastings, and uncover the secrets of the cellars.

Highlights of the Sensational Wine And Olive Oil Tasting 8-Hour Tour

  • Experience the renowned wineries of Nemea, Greece.
  • Taste and savor the award-winning wine labels that have put Nemea on the map.
  • Delve into the olive groves, where you can choose between three plantation frameworks: Traditional, Intensive, and Super Intensive.
  • Witness the harvesting of the olive trees, which takes place from October to November (upon request).
  • Discover the properties of organic extra virgin olive oil and gain insight into the production process at our olive mill.
  • Learn the difference between refined, virgin, and extra virgin olive oil and participate in a guided tasting that teaches you how to pair oils with food.
  • Immerse yourself fully in every step of the olive oil production process, from start to finish.


Start your Sensational Wine And Olive Oil Tasting 8-Hour Tour picking you up from your accommodation in Athens. Travel along the coastal road of the Saronic golf till we will reach the famous Corinth canal. Enjoy the breathtaking views, take pictures and we will continue for our visit to an olive mill.We will give you now some information about Oleotourism in order to be in the mood for your special tour! Oleotourism begins to sprout every day more and more in Greece, and olive mill tours are becoming increasingly common in Greece.

The Olive Oil Tasting Experience 5 Hours Tour
The Olive Oil Tasting Experience 5 Hours Tour

Oleotourism is a movement that is treading more and more strongly in regions such as Argolis where in the region there are other olive groves, surrounding the variety of tourist activities related to the production of olive oil, whose objective is to disseminate the main characteristics and processes of elaboration of this product. It is an alternative to traditional tourism, turning to rural, ecological, or gastronomic settings.

Oleotourism can include guided tours, accommodation with typical architecture within the olive grove, restoration, hiking, relaxation, and shopping, or beauty treatments with this product. The development of the olive sector and the dissemination of the oil culture have been defined as one of its objectives, with a background of rural and ecological tourism.

Visiting an olive oil estate during your holiday in Athens is a great way to learn more about the olive oil production process while surrounding yourself with the magnificent olive trees. At the end of such an olive oil tour, you will sample the different olive oils. During such a tasting, you will learn how to taste the flavors of the different varieties and to distinguish the specific olive oil attributes of fruitiness, bitterness, and pepperiness.

Let’s see why olive oil is so experiential!

Olive trees have grown on Greek land since ancient times thousands of years ago! Ever since the Greek people rely on its fruits to create their tasty dishes. No wonder olive oil is the heart of Greek cuisine, Argolis – Corinth is the region that produces the best quality olive oil.

Olive Field
Olive Field

We will visit an olive oil producer in the Argolis – Corinth in order to experience an exceptional olive oil tour. This olive oil mill has won international awards for several years in a row. Follow us on a guided tour through the facilities in the olive mill, and taste the extra virgin olive oil through an interactive seminar full of secrets that you have never imagined before!

The olives are picked in autumn. Harvest season starts in October and lasts until the end of November. The olives at that time have the correct temperature in order to be pressed inside a modern and professional olive mill. The olive is then ground to paste in a mill. Subsequently, the olive oil is extracted, filtered, and stored. Modern machines squeeze the olives in such a way that the quality is consistent and meets today’s standards.

However, the company does value the environment. Everything is recycled. Moreover, the entire production process of Monterosa leaves zero carbon footprint.

See now the difference between professional olive oil tasting & simple olive oil tasting.

professional olive oil tasting
Professional olive oil tasting

Professional olive oil tasting: Olive oil tasting is carried out in special tasting glasses. The philosophy is similar to wine tasting. When we taste olive oil we seek 3 characteristics: aroma, intensity in its bitter taste & intensity in its spicy taste.

Here is the procedure:

  • Add olive oil to the special tasting glass.
  • We hold the glass in our hands and stir to slightly heat the olive oil.
  • We smell trying to identify each of its aromas.
  • We drink a sip to perceive the intensity of its bitter & spicy taste.
  • Simple olive oil tasting:
      • The olive oil tasting of our products is carried out with fresh bread. Each of our guests has in front of him an individual plate with fresh bread, bruschetta with Kalamon olive paste, and a mini salad with seasonal vegetables and pitted Kalamon olives.
      • Our guests taste 2 different award-winning extra virgin olive oils, olive paste, and pitted Kalamon olives.

    It is time to experience now a virtual reality headset to see everything we discussed earlier. You can virtually participate in every stage of olive oil production.

    Find below the Olive oil tour & and tasting presentation available in two options:

    Option 1 – Duration: 70 min. | Minimum number of people: 2

        • Visiting the olive mill olive grove.
        • Guided tour of the facilities and presentation of the production line of extra virgin olive oil.
        • Virtual reality video presentation. Wearing the virtual reality mask you will have the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience by watching a video with all the stages of cultivation, production & bottling of extra virgin olive oil.
        • Presentation of Greek extra virgin olive oil (varieties, categories of olive oil, health benefits & useful tips for the proper storage of extra virgin olive oil).
        • Professional tasting experience in two.
        • Products (we can add more at a small extra cost).
        • Simple tasting of the Soligea product line (extra virgin olive oil – Kalamon olives – Kalamon olive paste).

    Option 2 – Duration: 40 min. | Minimum number of people: 4

        • Guided tour of our facilities and presentation of the production line of extra virgin olive oil.
        • Video presentation of the production of the extra virgin olive oil “From the tree… to the bottle”.
        • Simple olive oil tasting of the Soligea product line (extra virgin olive oil -Pitted Kalamon olives – Kalamon olive paste).

    Olive oil tasting

    After our visit to the olive mill, we will take the way to Nemea for the wine tasting!

    Nemea is an area known for its Games (Nemean Games), which took place every two years, while the Olympic Games every four. The Nemean games included gymnastics, horse riding, music, and drama – some of the most known tragedies were presented during the Games in Nemea. Nemea is said to be the most important AOC region in southern Greece for its production of red wines. This reputation is primarily framed by wines produced from the Agiorgitiko grape (also known as Aghiorgitiko and St. George), which is native to Nemea and the Peloponnese.

    The wineries of Nemea

    Nemea grapes
    Nemea vineyards

    Nemea is also known today due to its amazing wineries. It is one of the main wine-producing regions in the Peloponnese and Greece in general, producing famous and tasteful red wines. The Peloponnese peninsula has much to offer. Scenic landscapes, agriculture, legendary history, and of course, some of the world’s best wines. Experiencing all of these elements together in a single day may sound impossible, but Athens Tours Greece wine tours can provide exactly that. Travel in safety and comfort. Sample and purchase a wide array of Nemea wines. Dine on a locally-sourced lunch. End a visit to Nemea with treasured memories of one of the most iconic and historic places in the world.

    The local grapes variety “Agiorgitiko” is well known for its special taste and aroma, dated 4.500 years BC, as the locals claim. The experts said; “Nemea climate is characterized as sub-arid and sub-humid, with average annual precipitation 700-800 mm and average temperature that ranges from 16 to 18 Celsius degrees.

    This special microclimate of the region is characterized by the main valley surrounded by mountains, and weather conditions ranging from mild cold winters to the warm and relatively dry summers, with several differences though between short distances within the P.D.O. Nemea zone.

    The clay soil is ideal for good drainage and fertility. Observing the diversity of microclimates, one discovers the different delicious results of wines between the vineyard sites, the most impressive of all being the uniqueness and importance of every year to the character of the legendary Nemea wine.

    Nemea Wine Tasting
    Nemea Wine Tasting


    The content of the soil in organic and inorganic components, such as calcium carbonate, is an important factor for the installation of vineyards with high-quality characteristics of a Terroir, combining the ideal soil and climate conditions.

    The location of the vineyards and the ideal altitude of 350-400 m act as catalysts for the proper maturation of the grapevines, which, combined with humidity from the mythical river Asopus, create a unique microclimate and reveal the unique Terroir of Nemea.”

    Discovery of wine!

    Nemea Vineyards
    Nemea Vineyards

    There is no proof yet, who in the world ever discovered wine! Maybe was in Egypt, maybe in Greece maybe some other country with modern civilization. Nobody knows. All that exists, is the Homeric influences. He mentioned that Cyclope Polyphemus was given to drink wine from Odysseus. That the Athenians used to take their breakfast drinking watered wine.

    The private wine tour to Nemea will give you the chance not only to visit the vine fields and wineries of the area but also to taste these wines yourself; and why not bring some of them with you back home to celebrate with friends. We’ll be back in Athens in the afternoon.

    Ending the Sensational Wine And Olive Oil Tasting 8-Hour Tour by dropping you off at the same spot we have picked you up!


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