Cabin types & Accommodation aboard Greek ferries

All conventional big ferries and most of the catamarans offer at least economy and business class services.

The most common classes are the following:

  • Business class: Less crowded, cleaner and more comfortable. There are only non-smoking areas. On long trips with conventional old vessels we definitely suggest it.
  • Economy class air seats: Airplane type seats, numbered. Non-smoking area only. Crowded but organized.
  • Economy simple / Deck: ‘Cafeteria’ and/or ‘lounge’ type areas, very crowded. Non-smoking areas only.

Ferry Cabins

Cabins are categorized according to their class and position in the ferry (inside without window or outside with window). Cabins are usually double or quadruple but can be sold in different ways (depending on the shipping company). For example a quadruple one can be sold as a triple one and so on.

Most common cabin types:

  • Luxury cabins with window and private toilet (outside cabins).
  • A’ class outside cabins with window and private toilet (outside cabins).
  • AB’ class inside cabins without window, with private toilet (inside cabins).
  • B’ class cabins without window, without private toilet (inside cabins).
  • Dormitories

Important note: As of July 2009, smoking is prohibited in any area inside any ship by law.

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