Hotels in Thessaloniki

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Suggested hotels in Thessaloniki

5 star hotels in Thessaloniki

  • Electra Palace Hotel Thessaloniki

    Electra Palace Hotel Thessaloniki

    At the heart of Thessaloniki at Aristotelous Square a 5-star byzantine-inspired hotel
    with a panoramic view over the Thermaic Gulf offers you a relaxed British-style lounge bar with a fireplace and chesterfield sofas. At the rooftop you will find a swiming pool where you can relax or you can pay a visit at the fitness centre where you will find a heated pool.

    Classy rooms with a perfect room service, rich Greek breakfast, gourmet and traditional dishes can be enjoyed at the restaurant. The hotel also features 5 modernly equipped meeting rooms and a banquet area accommodating up to 120 people.
  • Mediterranean Palace

    Mediterranean Palace

    Located in the heart of Thessaloniki near the famous Ladadika at the center of business and commercial, a 5-star hotel with a breathtaking view of Thermaic Gulf. Luxury accommodation with a variety of 111 rooms and 7 suites equipped with all the luxuries and standards of a 5 star hotel to cover your needs.

    Greek and International dishes are waiting for you at the restaurant as well as
    a variety of snacks, coffees and beverages are served at the bar. The hotel also
    features 7 meeting rooms with a capacity of 300 participants.
  • Makedonia Palace

    Makedonia Palace

    Located at the seafront of Thessaloniki with a magnificent view of Thermaikos' Gulf near White tower and next to the heart of the city centre. A classical decorated hotel with classy and luxury rooms and suites provides a high standard experience with all the latest and finest services with 2 restaurants, a swimming pool, a gym and a sauna.

    The Symposium Restaurant which is located in the terrace of the hotel offers a variety of selected fish and seafood dishes
    with a breathtaking view of thermaikos' sunset. The hotel also features conference and meetings rooms as well as gift shops.
  • The Excelsior

    The Excelsior

    A neoclassical 5-star hotel which is located in the heart of Thessaloniki next to Aristotelous square offers elegant rooms and suites with view over the city. Equipped with all the latest technologies to cover all your needs.

    Buffet style breakfast with international and Mediterranean flavours as well as
    coffee , snacks and beverages are served at the roof garden of the hotel.
  • The Bristol Hotel

    The Bristol Hotel

    A historic hotel which is located in the heart of Ladadika a few meters from the center offers an elegant and classy accommodation. Homemade breakfast and an
    Italian-Argentinean restaurant are waiting for you in the hotel to fulfil any
    taste and need you have with aromatic coffees, fine wines and magnificent dishes.

4 star hotels in Thessaloniki

  • City Hotel Thessaloniki

    City Hotel Thessaloniki

    A 4 star hotel located in the heart of Thessaloniki near Aristotelous square offers modern, classical and soundproofed rooms. American breakfast buffet with tea and coffee facilities are offered.
    The hotel is equipped
    with a newly added spa, hamman and solarium for you to relax as well as a restaurant
    to enjoy your lunch and dinner.
  • Anatolia Hotel

    Anatolia Hotel

    Located near the center of Thessaloniki with modern stylish rooms with a view over the city.
    Equipped with the latest technology and services to cover all your needs, the hotel
    offers a gym and a spa as well as a restaurant at the rooftop where you can
    enjoy your lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee. A library with Greek and other books
    is offered in the living room where you can read and enjoy a glass of wine.
  • a.d. Imperial Palace

    a.d. Imperial Palace

    Located in the heart of Thessaloniki, a 4-star hotel with a Victorian style decoration
    offers renovated boutique rooms with wireless internet.
  • Andromeda Hotel Thessaloniki

    Andromeda Hotel Thessaloniki

    Located 50 metres from the seafront and next to Aristotelous Square a 4-star hotel offers rooms and suites
    decorated with themes all over the world and international destinations.
    Daily breakfast is offered and a coffee bar with relaxing views over the district of Ladadika as well as a cigar club.

3 star hotels in Thessaloniki

  • Abc Hotel

    Abc Hotel

    Located a few metres from the center of Thessaloniki, it offers modern rooms
    and a bar-restaurant for your needs, daily breakfast buffet is also served.
  • Olympia Hotel

    Olympia Hotel

    Located in the center of Thessaloniki and 5 minutes away from Aristotelous square,
    a 3-star hotel that offers elegant and stylish rooms.
    The restaurant of the hotel offers Greek and European flavours for your breakfast,
    lunch and dinner as well as a vegetarian menu. The bar is also available for
    drinks, coffee and beverages. The hotel also features a business centre
    as well as conference rooms.
  • El Greco Hotel

    El Greco Hotel

    Located in the center of Thessaloniki, 5 minutes from Aristotelous square and 20 minutes
    from the White tower on foot. A 3-star hotel with cozy rooms and all the latest technologies and services for your needs.
    Daily breakfast with Greek and Mediterranean flavors
    are served at the restaurant.
  • Astoria Hotel

    Astoria Hotel

    Located in the heart of Thessaloniki, it offers modern rooms with natural colours and
    a beautiful view of the city. The restaurant serves Mediterranean dishes made with
    organic products from the hotel's garden.
    A variety of breakfast is available, depending on your taste.
  • Plaza Hotel

    Plaza Hotel

    Located close to the city centre in Ladadika area, a 3-star hotel that offers
    warmly decorated rooms and a stylish bar for your needs. The breakfast buffet
    is homemade and is served daily.
  • Le Palace Art Hotel

    Le Palace Art Hotel

    Located in the centre of Thessaloniki on Tsimiski Street, a 3-star hotel that offers
    spacious rooms and a business lounge for your needs.
    Greek breakfast with various traditional savoury pies is also served.


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