Hotels in Olympia

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5* hotels in Olympia

  • Arty Grand Hotel

    Arty Grand Hotel

    The Arty Grand Hotel is an elegant hotel in Olympia, built conveniently on the top of the hill, overolooking the town of Olympia. It is a hotel that operates all year long, offering comfortable stay for all kinds of visitors throughout the year. During the summer, guests can benefit from the huge outdoor pool, or simply relax at the fitness and massage center of the hotel.

4* hotels in Olympia

  • Hotel Europa Best Western

    Hotel Europa Best Western

    Best Western Hotel Europa belongs to the Best Western family of hotels that ensures quality and services all over the world. The Europa Hotel is located within walking distance from the center of Olympia and its famous archaeological site.

    The hotel has spacious, well appointed guestrooms, reflecting the willingness of the officials to ensure a pleasant and comfortable accomodation to the guests. Among the amenities available are the 24-hour front desk, the two indoor bars and one pool bar, as well as a restaurant catering Greek flavors, and a pool-side tavern for local dishes.

3* hotels in Olympia

  • Hotel Kronio

    Hotel Kronio

    Hotel Kronio is a comfortable and value for money hotel which offers well- furnished rooms with balcony and spacious bathrooms, in close proxmity to the archaeological site of Olympia and the museum housing artifacts from the Olympic Games.

    The guestrooms of the hotel have fridge, TV, direct phone line, airconditioning and free high speed internet connection.



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