Hotels in Meteora, Kalambaka

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4* hotels in Meteora

  • Divani Meteora Hotel

    Divani Meteora Hotel

    Located at the base of the Meteora rocks, a 4-star hotel that offers spacious
    rooms with spacious verandas and decorated by the awarded designer Andre Warwick.
    The hotel features an outdoor pool with view of the Meteora rocks, a spa and a
    restaurant where you can enjoy International flavors and dishes
  • Boutique Hotel Iridanos

    Boutique Hotel Iridanos

    Hotel Iridanos in Meteora is a stylish and elegant boutique hotel, built with emphasis on style, elegance and perfection.

    It is located in the heart of Kastraki Kalambaka town, with views to the breathtaking suspended rocks of Meteora.
  • Amalia Hotel Kalambaka

    Amalia Hotel Kalambaka

    Amalia hotel is located in Meteora, a 4 star hotel that offers spacious and elegant rooms with views of Meteora rocks. The hotel features an Olympic-size swimming pool, a furnished sun terrace surrounded by lush gardens,
    a lounge bar with fireplace, a piano bar and 2 restaurants.
  • Grand Meteora Hotel

    Grand Meteora Hotel

    Located in Laspes Kastrakiou, a 4-star hotel that offers rooms with views over the Meteora Rocks. The hotel features a traditional restaurant, a bar and a lounge area with fireplace.

3* hotels in Meteora

  • Hotel Tsikeli

    Hotel Tsikeli

    Hotel Tsikeli is an impressive small hotel in the town of Kalambaka, just a short distance away from the impressive Meteora rocks and their monasteries.

    The guestrooms of the hotel have amazing views to the Rocks, but also feature nice amenities and comforts for ally types of visitors, such as fridge, mini bar, TV, free wifi and hairdryer.
  • Hotel Kosta Famissi

    Hotel Kosta Famissi

    Located in Kalambaka entrance, a 3-star hotel that offers classic rooms and spacious suites with private balconies and views of the rocks. The hotel features a restaurant and a piano bar where you can enjoy dishes and drinks.
  • Hotel Meteoritis

    Hotel Meteoritis

    Hotel Meteoritis is a newly built hotel, which combines breathtaking view of Meteora with Greek hospitality.

    Traditional architecture meets modern comforts at Hotel Meteoritis in Kastraki. It includes a restaurant and a bar and in public areas free internet.

  • Hotel Kastraki

    Hotel Kastraki

    Located in Kastraki, a 4-star hotel that offers tasteful rooms while some of the rooms have views over the Meteora rocks. The hotel features restaurant and a bar where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and drinks.

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