Terms And Conditions of Athens Tours Greece Planetourama

The business owner of Athens Tours Greece is Athens Tours Greece EE | Planetourama, our registered office is at 37 Andrea Siggrou Ave., 11743 Athens, Greece and our company number is 0206E60000543201 authorized by the Greek ministry of tourism. You can call us at +30 210 4516106. E-mail: [email protected]

Please take time to read carefully the following terms and conditions for your own information and protection. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understood the various terms associated with your contract before placing any bookings.

By making a booking with Athens Tours Greece | Planetourama, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions as they may be modified and posted on our website from time to time.

Ιδιοκτήτης της επιχείρησης είναι η Athens Tours Greece EE και η έδρα μας είναι Λεοφ. Ανδρέα Συγγρού 37, 117 43 Αθήνα, Ελλάδα. Ο αριθμός άδειας της εταιρείας μας είναι 0206E60000543201 και εγκρίθηκε απο το υπουργείο τουρισμού της Ελλάδος. Τηλ: +30 210 4516106. E mail: [email protected] . Παρακαλούμε διαβάστε αυτούς τους όρους και τις προϋποθέσεις προσεκτικά πριν από την πραγματοποίηση οποιασδήποτε κράτησης και πληρωμής, καθώς περιέχουν σημαντικές πληροφορίες σχετικά με τα δικαιώματα και τις υποχρεώσεις σας και θα δεσμεύεται από αυτούς.

Voucher issue

  • After payment, “Athens Tours Greece” will send a confirmation/voucher by e-mail or by fax: this voucher has to be printed, as proof of purchase, and will be presented to the service provider.
  • All information regarding the travelers should be correctly given at the time of booking.
  • All requests for modifications/amendments must be sent by email. Contact us
  • “Athens Tours Greece” cannot be held responsible for any problem that may happen if you don’t receive or read carefully your confirmation/voucher.


1. Private Tours Duration: Half Day 4 hours & Full day 8 hours depending on the traffic.

2. Mini Bus private tours & Coach tours: Half day 4 hours & Full day 8 hours.

  • Guides on the various tours lecture in English unless there is a previous arrangement to lecture in another language.
  • Smoking: Smoking is not permitted but all tours make frequent stops.
  • The company reserves the right to change the itineraries or routes if necessary.
  • Participation in all tours is also subject to any additional conditions applicable by the Carriers and Operators.
  • All prices quoted are based on tariffs current at the time of printing and are subject to increase without any previous notice consequent upon any increase in the basic tariffs and/or the imposition of any taxes.
  • Clothing: Entrance to Churches and Monasteries visited in our tours is allowed to gentlemen (long trousers) and ladies (skirt) with proper outfits.
  • Itineraries: As specifically mentioned in each tour. In case of a force majeure and/or reasons beyond our control and events that occur after the tour departure, we reserve the right to modify the routing and alter the itineraries.

Tour Drivers

Drivers must work under strict legal and time restrictions. Therefore you will be dropped back at convenient stops, depending on the traffic conditions. Our drivers will do their best to drop-offs at your hotel or as near as possible unless stated otherwise. Drivers will be happy to assist and advise you.


  • Athens Tours Greece act only as agents for the hotels, steamship companies, railroads, airlines, and motor coach companies of owners and conductors providing accommodation, transportation, or other services, and all coupons, exchange orders, receipts, contracts, and tickets are issued subject to any and all tariffs, terms and other conditions under which any accommodation, transportation or any other services whatsoever are provided by any such coupons, exchange orders, receipts, contracts, and tickets shall be deemed to be consent to the further conditions:
  • Athens Tours Greece, shall not be or become liable or responsible for any loss, injury, or damage to person, property, or otherwise, in connection with any accommodation, transportation, or other services resulting directly or indirectly, from acts of God, danger, incident to the sea, fire breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of Government or other authorities, de jure or de facto, wars, thither declared or not, strikes, riots, customs regulations, delays or cancellations, or change of itinerary of schedules, or from any cause beyond Athens Tour Greece, control, or for any loss or damage resulting from improper or insufficient, passports, visas or other documents, and that Athens Tour Greece., shall not be or become liable or responsible for any additional expense or liability sustained or incurred by the purchaser as a result of the foregoing causes.
  • Baggage is at the owner’s risk throughout the tour(s) unless insured. Small articles, coats, wraps, cameras, and other hand baggage are entirely under the care of the passenger, who is cautioned against the risk attached to these being left in conveyances.
  • Complaints in writing should be submitted within 21 days.
  • Clients wishing to join the tour at the departure point are requested to present themselves no later than 15 MINUTES BEFORE the DEPARTURE TIME shown in this brochure. This is valid for all land tours and the one-day cruise.

The Importance of Clicking on the checkbox “I agree to the terms and conditions”

  • Terms and conditions are as old as agreements and contracts. They can be composed of requirements, rules, special arrangements, provisions, and standards.
  • Clicking on accept terms and conditions button as in our case signing up for services or making an online purchase, is legally binding. So you have to spend time reading it and putting some effort into understanding it since it can contain lots of legal terminologies.
  • The user agreement is vital to ensure terms and conditions are legally enforceable. In the event of a legal disagreement, proof that a user agreed to the terms and conditions can be useful.
  • All of these make an integral part of a contract. One must agree to abide by all of them in order to use a service or make an online purchase.

Visa & Passports: A Passport valid for all countries to be visited must be carried and it is your responsibility to ascertain from your Travel Agent what visas are required. All matters concerning this booking shall be subject to Greek Law.

Insurance in Travel

We recommend that all passengers are adequately insured before traveling abroad. The latter is usually a prerequisite for most tour operators, who reserve the right to deny travel when proof of insurance cannot be provided.

Special Requirements

At the time of booking it is the customer’s responsibility to advise us of any special requests such as child car seats or mobility requirements for transfers. Please note, however, that these cannot be guaranteed.

Children’s Seats – The EU directive 2003/20/EC states that children must use an appropriate child seat until they reach the age of 12 years or until they reach a height of 135 cm. However, for licensed taxis, there is an exemption. If no child seat is available, children of 3 years of age or over may travel as long as they wear an adult seat belt. Children under 3 years of age may be transported without a seatbelt or safety harness as long as they travel in the rear of the vehicle.

Wheelchairs – Any passengers traveling with a wheelchair must advise us at the time of booking, this is to ensure that the correct vehicle is available to meet your specific requirements. We will need to be informed if wheelchairs are folding, manual, or include a battery and/or motor. This policy also applies to scooters.

Customer Service

We hope your travel arrangements run as smoothly as possible and that you will enjoy your holiday. However, if you have a complaint while you are in the resort, you must first report it immediately to the local representative of the supplier. If the problem cannot be resolved on the spot you should make a written complaint to the supplier’s representative in the resort and report the matter in writing to Athens Tour Greece within 14 days of returning to your country. Please note that you should allow 28 days so that all issues raised can be concluded and resolved.

If you incur any out-of-pocket expenses when in the resort, you must obtain and keep any receipts detailing each cost. Failure to send in receipts as part of a complaint may waive your right to claim back any monies owed.

Terms and Conditions of Athens Tours Greece

Excess Luggage, Behavior & Liability

➢ If you are carrying any excess luggage such as more than 1 bag per person, surfboards, golf clubs, bicycles, but not limited to, other oversized items, you will need to inform us when booking to ensure we or, our suppliers can provide the correct vehicle. Should you fail to notify us, you will be liable for any additional costs incurred. in any case, if the above does not fit in the proposed vehicles will be an extra charge, which you will be informed of and agree to.

➢ Our suppliers reserve the right to terminate the transfer if you or your party’s behavior or conduct is disruptive towards the driver or other passengers. Neither we or the suppliers will accept any liability for any extra costs incurred. Passengers are forbidden to consume alcoholic drinks on any transfer. Any costs incurred by you or your party due to damages on a transfer must be paid by your or your party at your destination and we or the supplier will not be liable for these costs.

➢ In case such as we are acting, only as a booking agent we have no liability for any of the transfer arrangements, and in particular no liability for any illness, personal injury, death, or loss of any kind, unless caused by our negligence. Any claim for damages for injury, illness, or death arising from your use of the transfer services, must be brought against the operator of the transfer services and will be under the jurisdiction of the law of the country in which the transfer is being provided.

➢ For custom requests that are not included in this price list feel free to contact us.
➢ The hourly hire has a minimum of 2 hours charge.
➢ All of our vehicles are Mercedes-Benz. Vehicles may differ; In this case, we’ll provide you with a similar vehicle suitable size and quality to your needs, enjoying the same high standards.
➢ In case the group is followed by an escort, the driver is not obliged to speak English.
➢ Due to the high complexity and uncertainty of contemporary transportation, as well as unexpected situations, the planned itinerary can change at any moment and our agreed pickup time may be affected by any social, economic, or environmental phenomena! Appointed, Named drivers & vehicles may change unexpectedly in case of a Force Major issue (Covid Illness of Driver, unexpected Mechanical issues, accidents, etc.) and the Motability Scheme can change under the discretion of our traffic department. Our services though will be executed as scheduled, based on the same standards as booked and reserved accordingly!

➢ Important Notes:

➢ The private services outlined here can be modified according to your need and requirements.
Luggage assistance: Your Driver will help load/unload your check-in luggage inside the vehicle and assist you in any way possible, but we do not provide luggage porter service and your driver cannot carry all your luggage for you. We suggest you make use of the readily available luggage trolleys at the airport.
➢ When you arrive at your destination, your chauffeur will unload your luggage from the vehicle only. We do not provide porter service for luggage to and from your hotel, villa, or home premises. A porter helps guests with their luggage on arrival and departure. If you need such a service, please contact our office! The accommodation and its porters are fully responsible for bringing your luggage from the hotel, home, or villa premises to the vehicle and/or from the vehicle into the accommodation premises. If you need assistance with luggage from inside the hotel, home, or villa to your vehicle, please arrange with your concierge, porter, and/or doorman.
➢ If you book accommodations where porter service is not available, please be sure you are able to personally bring your luggage with you as your Driver cannot carry all your luggage or accompany you inside the premises. This is especially true in cases where it is illegal or impossible for the driver to stop or park near your hotel, home, or villa.
➢ Clients have full responsibility for their luggage, valuables, personal items, or any item belonging to the client. Please be sure you have all your luggage and personal items when you leave the hotel, villa, ship, yacht, van, or any other transportation for your arrival/departure, and when you enter or exit the vehicle. Athens Tours Greece and its drivers claim no responsibility for lost, robbed, or forgotten valuables, personal items, luggage, or any other personal belongings.
➢ These are our terms of service and the legal agreements between us as a service provider and a client who wants to use that service. Clients must agree to abide by the terms of service in order to use the offered service. Our terms and Conditions agreement outlines the rules that our website or mobile app users must follow. They usually cover topics such as restricted behavior, payment terms, acceptable use, and more that we cover.

Data Protection Policy

We have taken every possible measure to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information. However, some of the details must be passed to the suppliers associated with your holiday, such as your tour operator, airline, hotel, transport company, insurance provider etc. The information may also be provided to security or credit checking companies, and public authorities such as customs/immigration, if required by them, or as required by law. Please note that once your information is passed onto the suppliers associated with your holiday, the information becomes subject to their data protection policy. You may view our privacy policy here.

User Agreement Governing the use of the Athens Tours Greece Website

  • When placing a booking you undertake to us that the details you have supplied are correct, including passenger names, dates, and credit or debit card details.
  • If there are changes to the details supplied, it will be your responsibility to contact us and request changes. Please use our contact page.
  • Athens Tour Greece will put its best endeavors to find and rectify any errors and omissions as quickly as possible. However, because of the sophisticated technology required, there may be times when obvious errors occur such as the price or some other detail displayed being incorrect. In this case, Athens Tours Greece shall reserve the right to cancel that contract and the customer will not have any liability in this regard.
  • Our booking platform may accept unrealistic bookings without objecting any further to the user’s judgment and in this case, we reserve the right to refuse any refunds with respect to those products purchased.
  • Athens Tours Greece does not make any warranty that the website is free from infection by viruses or any other software that has contaminating or destructive properties.
  • When a visitor chooses to pay offline then he/she undertakes that the product(s) selected may not be available. Confirmation of order, in this case, is made when we receive full payment for the product(s) selected.
  • Our Online Booking services are provided on an \” as is\” basis and we do not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the availability of any product(s) or other Holiday Arrangement.


Organized Shared Bus Tours

Prices Inclusion: Transportation by sedan vehicle, taxi, minibus, motorcoach, or guide service, Valid for the specific period, each tour is operated and overall for the period between April 1st of the running year to March 31st of next year, regardless of when the tour is booked. All prices are subject to modification without previous notice. Prices -for shared organized coach tours – quoted include entrance fees for visits to museums and archaeological sites (as specified in itineraries by motor coach) and taxes (seat numbers are not reserved).

Prices Exclusion: all personal expenses (laundry, telephone, etc.) cost of drinks, mineral waters, after-meal coffee and tea, tips, visa costs, sightseeing, and services other than those mentioned in our itineraries. If in doubt whether something is included in the price of the tour, please inquire. Prices -for private tours- quoted do not include entrance fees for visits to museums and archaeological sites (as specified in itineraries by private tours) but include, board and lodging as follows, (seat numbers are not reserved).

CHILDREN REDUCTIONS (it concerns only shared organized motor coach tours):

  • On tours, children under 4 years participate free of charge. Children 4 to 12 years pay approx half of the rate.
  • On all air and sea tours and cruises, reductions adhere to the policies followed by the specific air carrier and/or cruise line used.
  • Reductions are not cumulative, hence participants are permitted one reduction per tour.

Accommodation: In twin bedded rooms with bath or shower. Single rooms can be reserved, if available upon request and on payment of a supplement of € 00 for a first-class or tourist-class hotel per night.

Children Fares: Children of 1 up to 4 years of age and not occupying a seat in the coach are carried free of charge and not entitled to any facilities. From 4-12 years of age 50% reduction approx. (it concerns only shared motor coach tours).

Baggage: Rates quoted include handling 1 piece of luggage per person.

Bus change (shared coach tours): Multi-day tours include Delphi and Meteora in the itinerary will change buses from Delphi to Meteora. Owing to traffic regulations and difficulties, the motor coaches may not be able to provide door-to-door service, especially during rush hours.

Cancellations by Athens Tours Greece (athenstourgreece.com)

We reserve the right to cancel any of the services, without any penalties beyond offering a full refund.
Once a partial or full payment has been made, cancellations will only be accepted in writing and are in effect 24 hours after the date we receive them.

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