The legend of Marathon and Thermopylae

Why at Thermopelae only a few Greeks stood against many? Why the Marathon battle against the Persian was so important? Let’s find out here at Athens Tours Greece through our experts!

Visit Athens and admire the phenomenon of Evia island – 8 hours tour

The full day tour in Athens and Evia is an 8hour long tour starting from Athens. It will take you to the Acropolis, where you can admire the glorious Parthenon, and then drive you to the nearby town of Chalkida, where you will see not only the beautiful coastline of Chalkis, but also the impressive phenomenon of Evripos tide.

The Best Of Athens Full Day Sightseeing Private Tour

The best of Athens full day tour is a private tour that will give you a full and complete idea of how Athens used to be, combining the best of the modern and the ancient parts of the city. It is an absolute must do tour in Athens.

Athens city highlights and Cape Sounion private tour

This full day combines an Athens city tour with a visit to Poseidon s temple in cape Sounion admiring the Athens Riviera with the visit to the seaside parts of Athens, giving you a comprehensive idea of this historical city and its modern suburbs.

Athens and Marathon private sightseeing tour

The full day tour in Athens and Marathon combines two of the most significant sites in Greece, with a long history and monuments to keep you interested and give you an idea of how Athens faced the Persian threat.