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Greece and Mediterranean Cruises

  • Cruises from Greece

    Cruises from Greece

    Greece; A country made from Gods. Explore the world's most historical place, and modern diversity of this spectacular country. A country that is genuinely blessed with some of the most lovely islands and natural beauty in the world. Explore why such a small country gave us so much and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.
  • Cruises from Italy

    Cruises from Italy

    Explore the historical sites, the universally adored cuisine and a passionate nation. Michelangelo, the Colosseum, Venice are some the most recognized names connected with Italy, together with many fascinating sights and stunning landscapes.
  • Cruises from Spain

    Cruises from Spain

    A historic and lavish destination in Europe. Explore the many churches and cathedrals in the cities of Spain, the famous Mallorca, Málaga, Barcelona, and palma enjoining some of the well known attractions of the country.
  • Cruises from Turkey

    Cruises from Turkey

    Combine the beauty of the Aegean and Turkey's splendid antiquities. Istanbul rich in history, and capital of the Byzantine empire is embodied in sites such as the sixth-century Hagia Sofia church.Enjoy modern Turkey with its grand bazaars and hundreds of shops all over the country.
  • Boutique Yacht cruises

    Boutique Yacht cruises

    Enjoy an exclusive, ultimate luxury travel experience just for discerning individuals, who seek privileged access to some of the world’s most beautiful maritime destinations. The fascinating yachting lifestyle is enhanced with an unrivaled level of amenities and services designed just for you, your family and friends.
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