Full day tour to Ancient Olympia and Corinth Canal

Full day tour to Ancient Olympia and Corinth Canal

This private tour to Ancient Olympia and Corinth Canal is an excellent chance to see something more than Athens. As Greeks say, Greece is not just Athens, and in this case this is more than true. The site of Corinth and Olympia are among the most significant sites in the world, especially when considering the importance of the Olympic Site.

Itinerary of the full day tour to Ancient Olympia and Corinth Canal

Athens – Corinth Canal– Tripolis – Pirgos – Olympia – Athens

Highlights of the full day tour to Ancient Olympia and Corinth Canal

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  • The birthplace of the Olympic Games in Olympia
  • The famous Corinth Canal
  • A trip in the beautiful Greek countryside
  • Experienced and skilled English speaking driver
  • A 9 hours magnificent tour through modern and ancient myths

Description of the full day tour to Ancient Olympia and Corinth Canal

corinth canal

Corinth Canal

The tour to Ancient Olympia and Corinth Canal starts early in the morning from Athens.

Your driver will take the coastal road that leads outside of the city, towards the Peloponnese.

After an hour drive, you will reach the Corinth Canal, which connects Central Greece with the Peloponnese Peninsula.

After a short stop for pictures from the high bridge of the canal, the tour will continue towards Olympia and its archaeological site.

The Olympic flame in Olympia

The Olympic flame in Olympia

Olympia is mostly known as the original site of the ancient Olympic Games. It is the place where this institution was born, and even today, the Olympic Flame starts its journey from here, to reach the city hosting the Games each time.

Of all the Panhellenic Games in ancient Greece, the main games were held in Olympia.

Olympic games forged the national, racial and spiritual unity of the Greeks. They combined the deep religious spirit of the heroic past of the Greeks, the highest degree of cultivation of body, mind and soul with the universal philosophical values and the promotion of individual and the city states with the highest ideal of freedom. This is why the Games remain till today an important and admirable institution.

At Olympia you will have the chance to see the original site which is perfectly preserved; you can run the original track race, and admire the lush greenery of the site. You can also visit the Archaeological Museum of Olympia with its amazing artifacts and statues, the Sanctuary of Olympian Zeus and the Museum of the Olympic Games.

After visiting the site of Olympia, and late lunch, the tour will bring you back to Athens late in the afternoon, via the same route.


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